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Woman Planned To Confront Boyfriend After Learning He Was Married -- Then She Was Found Dead

Missing Kayla Kelley Found Dead Murdered Confronting Married Boyfriend

The search for Kayla Kelley is over after just a little more than a week.

The 33-year-old Texan was reported missing by friends and family back on January 11 after her loved ones realized no one had heard from her. Horrifyingly, her car was found quickly by McKinney investigators — abandoned and “burned beyond recognition”. But it was where the car was found that pointed a big flashing arrow at a person of interest, per NBC 5 — it was near the workplace of Kayla’s boyfriend.

She knew him as “Kevin Brown,” but her BF’s name was actually Ocastor Shavon Ferguson. It turns out he was married the whole time — and used an alias with Kayla so she wouldn’t learn about his other life. When questioned by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, he said the last time he saw her was on January 10 when she dropped him off at work — and he had actually expected her to come by later to bring him lunch but never showed.

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But that’s way more chill than things actually were between them at the end. She’d told friends she had discovered Ferguson’s secret and was planning to confront him before she disappeared. Not only that, according to WFAA, police found texts on his phone showing Kayla had given him an ultimatum — she would tell his wife if he didn’t respond. According to an arrest warrant obtained by NBC 5, Ferguson’s wife did receive a text from an unknown number saying they needed to tell her something. So it seems like Kayla was moving forward, about to blow up this cheater’s life.

Instead, she was killed. A body was discovered in a field in Grand Prairie on Wednesday, January 18. On Thursday the remains were identified by the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office as Kayla. Manner of death was not released to the public.

It was pretty clear to police what had happened. Especially when they found Ferguson’s car, which he and his wife had reported stolen — parked near Kayla’s home, complete with duct tape, gloves, and a blanket inside, per ABC 8.

Ferguson was arrested on January 14 and charged with kidnapping and arson. That was before Kayla’s body was found. We imagine there will be an even more serious charge to come. For now “Kevin” is being held on $1.5 million bond.

This poor woman… Not only did she have no idea she was with a cheater, she had no idea what else he might be capable of when it came to keeping his secrets. Be careful out there, y’all.

[Image via Fox 4/YouTube.]

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