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Mom Accidentally Invited ENTIRE CONTACT LIST To Daughter's Party -- Including Her Ex -- By Their Nicknames In Her Phone!!! 

Mom Accidentally Invited ALL CONTACTS To Daughter's Party -- Including Her Ex -- By Their Nicknames In Her Phone!

Talk about a hilariously epic party-planning fail!

Emily King has been going viral on TikTok this month for one of the most mortifying reasons ever! The mom posted a video to the platform explaining how she sent out the invitations for her daughter’s first birthday party through Evite. But imagine her surprise when she looked at the guest list and saw she invited almost 500 people to the shindig! WTF??

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Apparently, Emily accidentally sent an invitation to everyone in her contact list! When we say everyone, we mean everyone! Her boss, co-workers, and even an ex! Oh no! Emily recalled:

“I just made an Evite for my daughter’s first birthday party, and on Evite it says, ‘import contacts.’ And I thought it meant import to select through — no. It imported all 487 of my contacts and invited them to this birthday party.”

What made the situation worse? The invites were labeled based on the nickname she gave them in her contacts — emojis and all! She said:

“Not only did it invite my boss, all of my co-workers, all of the people that have ever been stored in my phone, but it sent the invitation based off of how they are stored in my phone. And I want you to just take a second and think of everyone stored in your phone and how they’re stored in your phone, and then imagine them receiving an invitation. Derek eye-roll, he received an invitation. Jess hit her car in parking lot.”

So embarrassing! We are officially just skull emoji reading this! Watch the video (below):


If you recevied an invitation, no you didnt. ????

♬ original sound – Em, IV, Montie, & Ren

Note to everyone — do not import contacts into Evite! Not unless you want chaos to ensue! In an interview with People on Thursday, Emily further explained she planned on inviting only 50 people to her daughter’s Lord of the Rings-themed party, “ONE to Rule Them All.” Cute! She shared:

“We are going to have it at a park and have a bunch of tea sandwiches and baked goods my mom is going to help make. We originally were planning on having about 50 people, which definitely sounded like a lot when I first planned the party, but now [it] seems very small comparatively.”

Once Emily noticed nearly 500 people — not 50 — were invited, she remembered “all of the blood drained from my body,” adding:

“I started screaming, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God.’ I think my husband thought I’d gotten hurt, the way I reacted.”

But when he and their family found out what happened, they “could not stop laughing.” Even though Emily panicked, she also recognized the hilarity of the situation:

“I also couldn’t stop laughing. I was in shock, but it was so ridiculous all I could do was laugh! I immediately canceled the party… but all 482 of them definitely received their invitations.”

As for whether she’s heard back from anyone in her contacts? Emily revealed both her ex and her boss reached out to her about the invite, and “everyone was a great sport about it.” Well, not everyone! As the mom put it:

“The people whose names were less than flattering didn’t respond, and I don’t blame them!”

We need to know what those “less than flattering” nicknames were! Are we talking  “Doug weird mustache” or “Suzanne total B don’t answer”?? LOLz!

Fortunately, there is a bright side to this story. According to Emily, Evite heard about her invitation failure and sent “a $250 DoorDash gift card to use towards the party.” Sweet! The digital card read:

“’Hoping this makes hosting a *few* more people easier… and happy birthday to your daughter!’”

We have to know if anyone who wasn’t supposed to be invited shows up! We’ll need an update when the party happens, Emily! And for the next birthday bash, she probably should send handwritten invitations instead, just in case! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Emily King/TikTok]

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