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Thank God for the Wino, she keeps things interesting!

Her beehive keeps the tabloid writers of the U.K. employed and happy!

Rumors are a circulating that Amy Winehouse will leave her current label after her next album so she can start up her own label.

Wino supposedly would go into the label thing with the guy she just dumped, Alex Haynes, who’s ‘gained music know-how’ through being Amy’s manager’s assistant.

A source told the UK’s Sun, “For the first time in her career, Amy is beginning to have her head turned by the cash she can make… It’s never been a huge deal in the past, but she is beginning to realise everyone else is making all the money out of her success.”

The source goes on to report that Wino would apparently like to sign her friends Remi Nicole and Tyler James and have control over her own finances.

Again this is just a rumor. (Smells like bullshit.)

But, should it actually happen, we think it’s a disaster in the making!

Amy can’t take care of herself…how can she oversee a business?

[Image via WENN.]

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Apr 30, 2008 13:30pm PDT

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