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Details of Jessica Alba’s secret wedding are starting to emerge!

Jess and Casshole Warren were married Monday morning at a Beverly Hills courthouse.

They applied for a wedding license and were married 40 minutes later (the time it took the clerks to process the paperwork) in the courthouse’s ceremony room, according to reports.

The ceremony room was decked out in white fake flowers. Classy!

There were no guests — it was just the two parents-to-be.

Jessica was wearing a blue dress, hair in ponytail.

Jessica Alba’s dad, Mark Alba, spoke exclusively to Latina magazine about his daughter’s nuptials. Poppa Alba says, “I think it’s good news for her. I’m glad for her. She’s a beautiful girl. I’m her dad and I’m happy for her no matter what happens.”

What a random way to tie the knot!

Is Jessica popping soon? Were they rushing to get legal and shizz so their child would not be a ‘bastard’?

Shit, if we were gonna have a quickie wedding, like she did, we’d at least do it in Vegas and have Elvis officiate!

[Image via WENN.]

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