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Mother Charged With Leaving Tied-Up 5-Year-Old Daughter On SCORCHING Hot Roof -- For Not Doing Her Homework?!

Mother CHARGED With Tying 5-Year-Old Daughter On SCORCHING Hot Roof During Heat Wave – For Not Doing Her Homework?!

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

An Indian mother has been charged after she allegedly left her 5-year-old daughter tied up on the roof in the middle of a heat wave all because the child hadn’t done her homework. WTF?!

The shocking incident took place in the Khajuri Khas section of New Delhi on June 2. According to ANI reports, the area saw temperatures as high as 113 degrees that day.

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The mother, only identified as Sapna, allegedly tied up her kindergartener’s legs and arms with rope and left her on the roof of the family’s home to punish her for her laziness, the police reported. A viral video was captured of the horrific scene by a neighbor. In the clip, the young kid is seen with her ankles tied and arms stuck behind her back. She wore just a tank top and shorts as she unsuccessfully attempted to wiggle her way out of the restraints. The person who recorded the video can be heard explaining that the child was left on the roof at 2 p.m. — one of the hottest times in the region that was already experiencing severe heat waves! So awful!!

You can see the gut-wrenching video (below).

How could a mother leave their child like that?? Especially as she screamed in pain?

Thankfully, authorities have already taken action. Delhi Police tweeted on Wednesday that they have begun to take the “appropriate action” against the girl’s mother. According to ANI, she faces child cruelty charges. It’s unclear if the 5-year-old suffered any heat exposure injuries.

India Today reported that, when interviewed by police, Sapna claimed that she kept her daughter on the roof for five to seven minutes because she hadn’t done her schoolwork. She then brought her back inside. The child’s father, Raj Kumar, told ANI he was out at the time and learned of the harsh punishment when his father called him. He then rushed home and “scolded” his wife.

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But the victim’s uncle, Sunil, claims this wasn’t a rare occurrence. The 5-year-old and her 11-year-old brother are allegedly beaten often by their mother, he claimed:

“If somebody from the family tries to meddle in between, she says that it is their kids and only she has rights over them. She was not like this before, she has become like this in the past two to three years.”

A neighbor also claimed the mother once left her son in the middle of the street completely naked during the winter. That kind of extreme exposure is sick of her. Damn. So terrible.

If all these accusations are true, we hope the police can remedy the situation and make sure these kids are in a safe and healthy household! Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via DVV Entertainment/YouTube]

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