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Mother Of Boy Found Dead In Suitcase Chose To Represent Herself -- And Told Court Space Force Is Watching Her!

Mother Of Boy Found Dead In Suitcase Chose To Represent Herself In Court -- & Thinks Space Force Has Been Trailing Her!

Nearly two full years after poor little Cairo Jordan was found dead in a suitcase, his mother, the primary suspect, has been caught. But her court appearance isn’t hasn’t helped to answer any questions about the child’s death.

As a refresher, in 2022 a Las Vegas-emblazoned suitcase was discovered off a dead-end road in Indiana with incredibly shocking and gruesome contents: the remains of a 5-year-old. It took investigators nearly half a year to finally confirm the identity of Cairo Jordan, and after that, it wasn’t long before his mother Dejaune Anderson became the chief suspect.

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While cops couldn’t find her at the time, they managed to nail her friend and accomplice Dawn Coleman, who confessed to everything. Coleman said she one day walked in on Dejaune hovering over Cairo’s already dead body, and that the mother asked for her help in disposing of his body. However, Dejaune was still at large.

Last month, the suspect was FINALLY arrested after being on the run for two years! And on Tuesday, she stood in front of a judge for her bond hearing. But nothing she said even remotely resembled a confession — or a coherent story.

In court footage captured by WHAS11, Dejaune introduced herself as “Princess” before spewing off a myriad of additional names. She claimed she was “representing the entity of Dejaune Anderson.” She went on to claim that she could handle representing herself because of her “masters in history.” The judge pointed out that doesn’t give her a law degree, which she said she understood.

She later claimed to have “classified evidence” involving the murder case, ultimately objecting to her bond being revoked or set at a high amount. She rambled:

“The basis of my objection is the fact that I am not a fugitive. I have been under NSA surveillance for the past 8 months and how can that qualify me as a fugitive on the run when I’ve also had a detail from Space Force that was following my every move?”

The judge informed her that wasn’t a legal objection and candidly told her if she didn’t have any real arguments she would have “no chance.” He added: 

“If Space Force comes forward and tells me they’re willing to monitor you, we’ll take up the issue of bond at a later time.”

She was ultimately assigned a public defender. Watch the disturbing hearing for yourself (below):

For Dawn’s part, she pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in connection with Cairo’s death and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Dejaune is clearly suffering from some mental health issues, but whether she’ll use that as a defense we have no idea. We couldn’t begin to predict what she’ll do next.

What are your thoughts? We just hope to see some justice for Cairo, but frankly… well, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough of his mother left to even prosecute.

[Images via WHAS11 & KTLA 5/YouTube]

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