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Diddy’s Son King Accused Of SA During Yacht Party In Disturbing New Lawsuit!

Diddy’s Youngest Son King Accused Of SA In New Lawsuit!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Yikes. Diddy‘s son Christian “King” Combs has also been accused of sexual assault!

A new lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday, according to Us Weekly, and it alleges that the 26-year-old sexually assaulted a woman on a yacht in 2022. According to the court docs, the victim, Grace O’Marcaigh (25 at the time), was working on the yacht Diddy had chartered for a trip that was “sold as a wholesome family excursion” but turned into a “hedonistic environment.” King allegedly assaulted her in late December of that year, just days before the rapper hosted a star-studded New Year’s Eve yacht party.

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According to NBC News, the victim provided dinner and drink service on the boat from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and saw lots of partying, alleged drug use, and a “constant rotation of suspected sex workers” and celebrities. O’Marcaigh also thought bottles of alcohol were laced with drugs because women began to fall over, panic, or pass out after just one drink. JFC.

King allegedly arrived on the yacht to record with music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones in the makeshift studio. He showed up “heavily intoxicated” and was laser-focused on her. He eventually aggressively pressured her to take shots of tequila (which she believes he brought on board with him). The suit claims she “quickly suspected” the drink had been spiked.

Jones then recorded audio clips of King allegedly groping Grace despite her continuing to decline alcohol, saying she had to leave, and asking Combs to stop touching her while kissing noises sounded from the background. In the clips, Grace can be heard telling King to stop touching her legs and insisting she couldn’t stay with him because she was still on shift. He allegedly replied:

“Who can I talk to? I’m going to say I requested you right now.”

She replied:

“Well, you can take your hand off my ass for the first thing.”

She then went back to work, but King found her later and insisted she find him a place to sleep. She directed him to the theater, which was often used as an extra sleeping area, but once there, he allegedly blocked her in and began groping her while taking his clothes off, the lawsuit alleges:

“His penis was erect, and he grabbed her arms and was trying to force PLAINTIFF to perform oral sex on him.”

The suit includes photos of bruising on the victim’s forearms, which she claims were caused by Combs. She eventually fought him off until someone else walked in. King has also been accused of sexual harassment and infliction of emotional distress. His famous father was also named in the suit for premises liability for chartering the ship and aiding and abetting his son in the alleged assault. Jeez.

So far, neither of the Combs’ men have reacted to the filing, though King previously took to Snapchat after the raid to cryptically write, “Stop with the [cap],” which refers to lying. This comes amid a slew of other legal problems for the Last Night artist, including a filing from the aforementioned music producer. As Perezcious readers know, his homes were raided by Homeland Security last month amid a sex trafficking investigation. He’s also facing several other lawsuits and sexual harassment and abuse allegations. So far, he has denied them all. So disturbing to see the allegations keep coming…

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and would like to learn more about resources, consider checking out

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