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Murder Suspect Allegedly Killed Date After HIV Reveal -- Then Tried To Steal His House!

Murder Suspect Allegedly Killed Date After HIV Reveal -- Then Tried To Steal His House!

Police in Honolulu, Hawaii are investigating after a 23-year-old man allegedly admitted to murdering a 73-year-old lover in the island community earlier this month.

Juan Tejedor Baron (pictured above, mugshot) reportedly admitted to police officers in southern California that he allegedly killed Gary Ruby in Honolulu at some point in February. Ruby’s remains were later found encased in concrete inside a bathtub in his home inside the Loa Ridge gated community. Cops also claim Baron allegedly forged documents to fraudulently take possession of Ruby’s car — and the younger man was supposedly trying to do the same with the older man’s house, as well.

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According to Baron’s arrest warrant filed in California, where he reportedly fled following the murder, he allegedly killed Ruby after the pair engaged in a sexual encounter. The warrant states that the younger man used a belt to choke Ruby to death after the older man apparently revealed an HIV positive diagnosis following the physical interaction.

Baron then reportedly confessed to cops that he allegedly dragged Ruby’s body to a bathtub, placed it inside, and used a kitchen knife to slash the older man’s wrists in order to make his death look like a suicide. After dumping Ruby in the bathtub, Baron allegedly discovered bags of concrete in the man’s garage, and used it to cement the deceased man’s body in the tub. The younger man then allegedly covered the cement with coffee grounds, per the arrest warrant, “in an effort to conceal the smell of decomposition.”

It is unclear exactly which day Ruby was murdered, but police claim Baron lived out of the man’s house in an affluent Honolulu area gated community and drove the man’s gold 2020 Audi A6 for some time. Cops were first dispatched to Ruby’s home on March 7, after the victim’s brother called the police and requested a check-up after not hearing from the man in three weeks.

When officers arrived at the home, Baron told them he purchased the property from Ruby two years prior. He also allegedly claimed that he purchased the Audi in North Carolina — but online DMV records later showed that ownership of the car had been transferred to Baron in February. Police in Honolulu assert that transfer was done fraudulently, and Baron reportedly later confessed to detectives that he had “planned on fraudulently acquiring” Ruby’s home, too, through forging documentation.

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On March 9, the man was arrested in the city of Anaheim, California, where he had fled with another man, identified as 34-year-old Scott Hannon. Baron was found allegedly hiding in a crawl space under a bench inside a bus that was bound for Mexico. Hannon was detained, as well, but police later released him after apparently determining he was uninvolved in Ruby’s death.

Horrifically, in the aftermath of Baron’s arrest, others came forward revealing that they’d spent time with the man after Ruby was killed. Local resident Kai Johnson spoke to about matching with Baron on Tinder in early March and spending time with the man at what turned out to be Ruby’s home.

Explaining that the alleged murderer told Johnson and his friends that he had wealthy parents, the shocked man said:

“We always thought that he just had a good job, good money. He was driving some Audi, like an A6 or A8 or whatever, living in a nice house and so forth. We didn’t think anything of it. He was the one who was like always paying for [outings]. It was probably the other — like, the victim’s card, he was using.”


Here is more on Baron’s arrest:

Just awful.

Our condolences go out to Gary Ruby’s family, friends, and loved ones as they deal with the aftermath of his terrible passing.


[Image via KHON2 News/YouTube/Honolulu Police Department]

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