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Mom Charged With Murder After Cops Find Missing Son In The Walls Of Her House!

Mississippi Woman Charged Murder After Cops Found Her Missing Son Dead Behind A ‘False Wall’ In Her Home!

A Mississippi woman was arrested over the weekend after cops found her son’s dead body hidden in her house — and we mean in her house.

In a shocking statement provided by the Gulfport Police Department on Facebook on Saturday, it was revealed that Jerri Lynn Roby, who also goes by the last name Isreal, was taken into custody after a month-long investigation into a missing persons report. According to GPD spokesman Jason DuCré via CNN, Jerri’s 42-year-old son John Allen Gaither was reported missing by an out of state relative after not seeing him since December 10. On December 22, police visited Jerri’s home for questioning, then five days later conducted several follow-ups. They “began noticing discrepancies in statements provided by” the 66-year-old, according to the Facebook statement.

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The woman apparently became “increasingly uncooperative” and “changed her statements multiple times,” before detectives dug into her past and discovered she’d been arrested and convicted of murder in 1995. At the time, Roby made “several attempts to dump the deceased subject at different locations throughout Florida.”


That was suspicious enough for law enforcement to obtain a warrant, and on January 18 they searched her home. According to the FB statement, Jerri was taken to a local hospital for treatment while the search was conducted — and a horrifying discovery was made:

“During the search of the residence, a wooden box containing a deceased subject, later identified as John Allen Gaither, was located behind a false wall.”

Holy s**t!

He was hidden in the walls? Not only that, several other homemade wooden boxes were found in her home and garage! None of the other ones had bodies in them, we guess? Something tells us they need to check the rest of the walls. Yeesh!

Further, cops say Roby covered up her son’s disappearance by writing notes to family members, pretending to be her son. We’d have to wonder if there’s anyone else who hasn’t been reported missing! Maybe someone who’s still supposedly sending out letters? We mean, what else could the boxes be for?? This is all just too disturbing…

Read the full report (below):

Roby has since been charged with first degree murder and booked at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center, where she’s still being held in lieu of bond. GPD are asking anyone with information to contact them at 228-868-5959, or the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers at 877-787-5898.

[Images via Gulfport Police Department/Facebook]

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