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It took them long enough!
According to the reports, a former employee of the UCLA Medical Center was indicted Tuesday by the Feds for allegedly accessing the confidential medical records of celebrity patients and selling them to a “national media outlet”.
Lawanda Jackson was charged with obtaining the information between 2006 and May 21, 2007, when she was fired from her position at the hospital.
According to court documents, the “media outlet” paid Jackson (via her husband) at least $4600 for the information.
That’s it?????
She sold out those celebs for cheap!
The court documents do not reveal which celebs Jackson sold out or the name of the media outlet, but we’re told The National Enquirer was the one to pony up the cash for the info.
If convicted Jackson faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.
10 years for $4,600???
[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Apr 29, 2008 16:00pm PDT

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