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Nate Setto Has Eyes Set On Next DJ Khaled Album!

Nate Setto dj khaled album

Millions of people instantly became fans of the recent DJ Khaled album Khaled Khaled. If you haven’t heard it all as you might expect with a DJ Khaled album it boasts ridiculous star power like Drake, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, Jay-Z, Lil Baby, H.E.R., Big Sean, Meek Mill and many other iconic A-listers. To one of the fastest rising pop and R&B stars in America right now, Nate Setto, this album is more than just a bunch of hot tracks. It’s his calling.

Nate Setto is a 27-year-old sensation out of Detroit who has had tens of thousands of fans around the country singing and dancing to his hit singles Want Me and On Tonight. Fans were also ecstatic when Nate recently released his long awaited EP City Boy. While his music is normally upbeat and made for nightclubs and parties, this EP included more serious introspective songs like “NovaCane”.

Part of why fans love Nate’s music and brand so much is that he is humble while also being wildly ambitious. If you listen to his music and interviews it’s clear that Nate has his eyes set on super stardom and has no plans of slowing down his hot start in the music industry.

Nate was staying at Fontainebleau in Miami when he was listening to Khaled Khaled, and realized that this is a list of icons he has to join one day. Particularly when he heard I Can Have It All by DJ Khaled featuring Bryson Tiller, H.E.R. and Meek Mill.

Nate said in a recent live stream on Instagram:

“This song really spoke to me. It sounds beautiful and the lyrics hit me hard, almost like they were about my actual life. I was even at the hotel that H.E.R. was singing about. I’ve come so far already, but when I heard Khaled Khaled it became clear that landing on a DJ Khaled album would be the highest of honors in our industry.”

Other stars have echoed Nate’s admiration for DJ Khaled’s work, such as rapper Fat Joe who called him the “Quincy Jones of Hip-Hop”. Later on in that live stream Nate spoke about his plans to put out more music, stretch into other genres even, and music videos he plans to shoot in the near future for some of his biggest hits. He then went on to say:

“You guys watch…on the next Khaled album, you’re going to hear your favorite song and it’s going to say featuring “Nate Setto”. I’m not playing! Let’s get this guys!”

Nate has been open about his long journey to the success he already has. With no connections in the music industry, no money, and dealing with alcoholism, Nate faced trial after trial but has persevered and today is one of the most talked about artists in Detroit and fans all over the country can’t get enough of his music.

To check out Nate’s music and stay up to date about his music and touring, follow him on Instagram @nate_setto.

[Image via Fame by Sheeraz]

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Jun 21, 2021 01:17am PDT

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