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How NeNe Leakes Is 'Pushing Through' The 'Bad Days' Following Gregg's Death

NeNe Leakes opens up about mourning late husband Gregg Leakes after his death.

NeNe Leakes is adjusting to life without her beloved husband, Gregg.

As you’ll recall, Gregg passed back on the first day of this month after a long battle with colon cancer at 66 years old. Now, just over two weeks later, NeNe is obviously still going through all the emotions of losing someone so close to her.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star opened up about that adjustment in a series of Instagram Stories videos late Thursday night and early Friday morning, revealing insight into her grieving process.

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With some videos taken from her car, and a long series then shot in what appears to be her bedroom, the reality TV mainstay got very candid with her followers regarding the aftermath of Gregg’s passing.

Speaking about her “new normal,” NeNe admitted a trip to the salon actually helped her move through the stages of grief without her husband in its own little way.

Acknowledging the “good days and bad days” involved in this situation, she said:

“I have good days and bad days. But, um, they said it’s normal. So, some days I’m up. Some days I’m down. Today I felt like going to the salon. So. That was good. I normally don’t go to the salon. I usually have people come to my house. Today, I decided to drive to the salon and actually sit in the salon with other women. And that was good to be around other people.”

That’s good to hear.

NeNe Leakes opens up about mourning late husband Gregg Leakes after his death.
In a series of videos talking straight to her 4 million Instagram followers, NeNe showed grace, gratitude, and authenticity as she discussed her mourning period. / (c) NeNe Leakes/Instagram

The 53-year-old spoke more about her hairstyle change, keeping busy,  and how her “new normal” has changed so much in the last few weeks:

“So I played in dark hair long enough. Now that I’m having to adjust to my new life. My new normal. I thought I’d go back to blonde. I have a whole group of people that’s coming to my house everyday doing different stuff with me. So. Trying to keep my mind off of, you know, events that recently happened. Love you guys. I’m OK and I’m pushing through. … Good days and bad days, pushing through. … Thank you for all of the condolences and all of the sweet comments, thank you.”

Very, very gracious.

We continue to send our love and good thoughts to NeNe and all of the family, friends, and colleagues who loved and appreciated Gregg so much during his long, successful life and are now mourning his passing.

[Image via NeNe Leakes/Instagram]

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