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Several Children Hospitalized After Drinking Milk Contaminated With WHAT?

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This story will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Several young children in New Jersey were hospitalized on Wednesday after drinking milk from cartons that were contaminated with… sanitizer.

According to ABC 6, students at both the Early Childhood Development Center and the Riletta Twyne Cream Early Childhood Development Center in Camden were brought to the hospital after consuming the contaminated milk, which was in sealed cartons. Health department officials told the outlet that at least 25 children were hospitalized.

The Camden City School District explained to staff and families just how this happened in a Facebook post, revealing that “the substance found in the cartons is a non-toxic consumable sanitizer that runs through the vendor machines prior to milk.” Non-toxic? Then why did it put them in the hospital??

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The post continued:

“Unfortunately, many cartons were filled with the sanitizer, sealed, and then shipped out with the milk. We pulled all milk today and NO milk will be served until the investigation is completed.”

Officials stressed that “no students are currently ill,” and that those who had been sent to the hospital had been admitted “as a precaution.”

Camden County Health Officer Paschal Nwako told ABC 6 the “scary situation” is now under control, explaining:

“Thankfully, everyone who was exposed to the milk is in stable condition and either back at school or home. This investigation is ongoing, and our department will get to the bottom of this situation. In addition, I want to thank all of our first responders and public health employees who worked together to protect the health and welfare of these children.”

The ages of the children who were hospitalized were not reported. However, the Early Childhood Development Center teaches students in Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4, while the Cream Early Childhood Development Center teaches Pre-K to first grade.

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Officials said there are four schools known that have been impacted by the contaminated cartons and preliminary testing has been conducted. A spokesperson for Aramark, the vendor for Camden County Schools, said in a statement:

“Nothing is more important to us than food safety and the well-being of our communities. We are fully cooperating with the investigation in Camden and are thankful for the quick action of our employees, school district, emergency professionals, and all of those who responded as soon as the issue was discovered.”

Let’s hope something like this doesn’t happen again!

[Image via CBS Philly]

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