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Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Share 'Extremely Painful' Details Of Daughter River Rose's Birth!

Nick Viall & Natalie Joy Share 'Extremely Painful' Details Of Daughter's Birth

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy are sharing their daughter’s birth story!

During an episode of The Viall Files on Thursday, the couple opened up about welcoming their baby girl River Rose earlier this month, and they did not hold back on the details! Natalie began by talking about how her pregnancy went:

“My entire first trimester, I was like, Nick. I will never do this again, like this will be your one child unless we go surrogacy because I will never go through this. It was that bad. Second trimester, blissful, beautiful. I loved it. It was amazing. Third trimester, very just large and uncomfortable and I started getting a lot of fluid.”

As the weeks went by, Natalie said her fluid continued to stay high. And that was not the only complication. She revealed their daughter was in a breech position at one point, which meant doctors would have needed to turn her manually. If they could not turn her, that would mean Natalie would have had a C-section — something she did not want at all. Thankfully, her doctors later saw River had turned on her own. Phew! But just to be safe, they decided to induce Natalie “at 38 weeks and 5 days.”

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While at the hospital, she was induced — a process, she said, was “extremely painful.” Fortunately for her, it worked the first time. Her good luck streak ended there. Natalie told listeners she wanted the epidural “immediately” afterward. But she had to wait a bit for her turn. Natalie recalled:

“Of course, as soon as I ask for the epidural, the anesthesiologist [is like] backed up, like three other moms have just asked.”

Oof! Natalie eventually got an epidural. From there, though, it took a long time for her to dilate enough to give birth. And that waiting period, as Natalie recalled, was exhausting:

“It was this very, like, draining feeling. Because you’re so exhausted, you feel like you’ve been there for so long, and you feel like from four to ten [centimeters], you’ve got a long f**king way to go.”

To make things worse, River had twisted around. So the momma had to start doing “swinging baby positions.” As she explained:

“Basically it was like, I had this big peanut ball between my knees and I was laying in the bed and I’d like have one leg back here and one leg up here. They were doing everything they could to open up my pelvis and get her to turn face down.”

When Natalie got to ten centimeters dilated, she was told she was ready to give birth, and everyone became very emotional. In fact, she remembered they all started “sobbing” in the room! Natalie said her daughter had crowned in less than 30 minutes and in three pushes she arrived! But things were terrifying for the new family for a moment once she came out. According to Natalie, River had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck! OMG?! And the mom didn’t even know about it until later:

“I pushed three times with her and out she came. She came out with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck several times, which I did not see until my mom showed us the footage that my mom took. And they pulled her out and you just see her unwrapping the umbilical cord.”

So scary!!! Nick noted the medical team “very calmly” helped River. Thankfully, everything was fine. Looking back on that moment, Natalie said the entire birthing process was “a breeze” in comparison to the pregnancy:

“Once I started the pushing process, like it was truly a breeze. I would delivery a baby a hundred times over. It’s really the pregnancy, the nine months, that was harder on me.”

What does Nick think of the birth? He called the whole thing “crazy,” adding:

“I honestly was like, ‘Wow, she’s really good looking because I was like, I didn’t really know what to expect. But she came out skin to skin right away with Natalie. I kind of stuck my hand, my finger, and she grabbed it.”

Aww! So sweet! See a pic of their newborn (below):

We’re so glad everything turned out OK for Natalie and Nick after things got scary there for a minute!

You can listen to the entire birth story (below):

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[Image via Nick Viall/Instagram]

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