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Swollen Testicles?! So THIS Is The COVID-Related Reason Why Nicki Minaj Bailed On The Met Gala...

Swollen Testicles?! So THIS Is The COVID-Related Reason Why Nicki Minaj Bailed On The Met Gala...

Nicki Minaj didn’t show out at the Met Gala on Monday evening, and now we know why.

Hours before the start of the much-anticipated event, the Trinidadian-born rapper and singer revealed her reasoning: she didn’t want to get the COVID-19 vaccination required in order to go to the event.

Ugh! Girl. Really?!?! What kind of anti-science bull s**t is this???

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It all started when Kenneth Petty‘s 38-year-old wife tweeted early Monday afternoon (below) about how she was evidently going to do more research on the COVID pandemic and its assorted vaccines before making a decision about whether to get one of the shots:

It’d be interesting to know what “enough research” means for her — and everybody else who is vaccine-hesitant — but we digress.

Not even a half-hour after that tweet, though, the Bang Bang rapper came with an eyebrow-raising tweet that seemed to be very, very strong in its anti-vaccine argument.

In the new message, Minaj claimed (without any confirmation) that a friend of her cousin back in Trinidad supposedly got the COVID-19 vaccine only to allegedly become “impotent” and suffer as “his testicles became swollen.” Worse still, Nicki went on to claim that this alleged medical issue caused this supposed cousin’s friend’s fiancée (who TOTALLY exists, we’re sure of it) to call off their wedding altogether!

No, seriously. You’ve gotta read this crazy s**t (below):

Is THIS the kind of research Nicki is doing?! Because if so, we’re all f**ked! Just saying!

Thankfully, Twitter absolutely BLASTED the new mom for tweeting such an irresponsible, crazy piece of third-hand gossip regarding the vaccine.

For one, we are absolutely loving this incredible reply:

And there are plenty more where that came from!

Some of these tweets responding to the Anaconda rapper’s tweet are HIGHlarious, too!

See for yourself (below):

“when u get an STI and don’t want ur girl to know”

“now that nicki minaj’s cousins friend in trinidad has weighed in on vaccine risk and definitely didn’t just get an STD i can finally make my own decision about this vaccine”

“Baby, that’s the clap.”

“I got the vaccine and the next day my power went out for 5 minutes. my sisters friends brothers coworker got it and then his car broke down”

“I got the vaccine and my car battery was completely drained the next day after I left the headlights on all night. Coincidence? I think not!”

“Hmm. I could listen to what doctors and other medical professionals are saying based on data involving millions of people, or I could listen to what Nicki Minaj says her cousin told her about his friend. However can I reconcile these two nearly equally good choices?”

“My uncle works at nintendo and said the vaccine is fine”

“The funny thing is that Covid can cause sterility, and Ivermectin can cause sterility. But the vaccine has zero impact on your testicles.”

“It’s crazy because this might be fictional but it’s deeply true. One of my distant cousin’s cousin has a swollen left testicle bigger than his head (naturally, his head is twice the head of Shrek, so you can imagine the size I’m talking about).”


And how about just one more for the road — this tweet specifically directed at Nicki’s cousin’s friend’s (now-ex) fiancée who, again, totally exists:


Seriously though…

What do U think about Nicki Minaj’s COVID-19 vaccine “research,” Perezcious readers??

Sound off with your take on this and Twitter’s hilarious reactions to it all down in the comments (below)…

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