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Nicki Minaj Is All Over Her Registered Sex Offender Man In Steamy 'Megatron' Video -- Watch!

Nicki Minaj can’t keep her hands off her BF Kenneth Petty!
The pair are featured together repeatedly in Nicki’s sexy new music video for the track Megatron, which debuted overnight at midnight, and which is now drawing a LOT of reactions from fans and followers alike!
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But it’s not just the sexy, steamy look that Minaj and Petty give on the track… Megatron also takes a direct hit at Petty’s dangerous criminal past, with Minaj apparently ready to face criticism head-on, consequences be damned!!!
Acknowledging how Petty is an ex-con, at one point on the track, Minaj raps this verse (below):

“I f*ck him like I miss him, he just came out of prison. B*tches be talkin’ sh*t, but they ain’t got a pot to piss in. My name is Nicki M, I’m in a sticky Benz That mean it’s candy apple red, I’m Barbie, this is Ken.”

Well then!
Minaj and Petty get hot and heavy multiple times throughout — always when Petty is shirtless, natch — while Nicki shows off her flow rapping the verses while also taking the hooks for herself. There’s also a neon dance party involved here, as well as a beautiful green Lamborghini that Nicki sets on fire before walking away triumphantly!
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It’s been a hell of a last couple months for Nicki ahead of Megatron, so the song release here is something of a comeback for the superstar. Not only did Minaj bizarrely cancel shows, she’s also been taking a TON of heat for dating Petty in the first place, with accusations flying around that her time is up!
Petty, as you may recall from our reporting, first went public with Nicki back in December 2018, and it appears they are still going strong to this day. She’s been severely criticized for the relationship, however, because Petty was previously convicted of attempted rape in the first degree back in the 1990s after an incident in 1994 where he attempted to sexually assault a 16-year-old girl in New York City.
Petty was sentenced to between 18 and 54 months in state prison at the time of his conviction in 1995; it’s unclear how much time he actually served, but the charges themselves are obviously extremely serious and concerning. Petty was also charged with manslaughter back in 2006 after allegedly shooting a man in an unrelated incident.
Despite it all, Minaj has remained loyal — maybe to a fault, considering the criticism she’s been taking — and the pair appears to still be very much into each other with the new release of Megatron.
What do U think about the new music video, though, Perezcious readers??
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