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Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan Asks Fans To Keep Opinions About Her Body To Themselves!

nicola coughlan, melanie lynseky : asks fans to stop commenting on body

The women of Hollywood have had enough feedback on their appearances, thank you very much!

It’s not secret that it’s hard to be a woman in the spotlight (or in general, but we digress). No matter what they look like, it seems every female celeb has had to fend off body shamers at some point. But of course, it’s all the more difficult when a person doesn’t fit society’s very rigid beauty standards.

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Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan has previously slammed the media’s “reductive” tendency to focus on a performer’s weight. Unfortunately, it’s a message that bears repeating, both to the media and the general public. On Sunday, the actress posted a gorgeous selfie to Twitter alongside a PSA:

“Hello! So just a thing- if you have an opinion about my body please, please don’t share it with me.
Most people are being nice and not trying to be offensive but I am just one real life human being and it’s really hard to take the weight of thousands of opinions on how you look being sent directly to you every day. If you have an opinion about me that’s ok, I understand I’m on TV and that people will have things to think and say but I beg you not to send it to me directly

That really could not be a more reasonable request! Sadly, with the dawn of social media, sometimes even the most well-meaning fans can be intrusive with their comments.

As it happens, Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey also had something to say about busybodies worried about her weight on Twitter. After recently speaking to Rolling Stone about her experience with body shamers, she retweeted a since-deleted post from writer Ashley C. Ford, about people being “confused” that she was “not thin and also not trying to lose weight.”

The momma added:

“The story of my life since Yellowjackets premiered. Most egregious are the ‘I care about her health!!’ people…bitch you don’t see me on my Peleton! You don’t see me running through the park with my child. Skinny does not always equal healthy”

Yesss! Tell ’em!

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Melanie’s husband Jason Ritter also weighed in, expressing a similar sentiment to Nicola’s — although his suggestion for the looky-loos was a bit less polite:

“If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about *anybody* else’s body, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and swan dive directly into the sun.”

We can’t say we disagree. As a general rule of thumb, we should all avoid commenting on other people’s bodies – particularly on social media. Let’s hope people take this message to heart!

[Image via Nicola Coughlan/Melanie Lynskey/Instagram]

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