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Top Norwegian Model Fariba Rahimi Is About To Hit Hollywood!

Top Norweigan Model Fariba Rahimi

Fariba Rahimi is a supermodel on a mission to become an international icon — she is about to make a splash in Hollywood. Fariba has been on this path since a very young age and there is no sign of this amazing career slowing down!

Fariba knew young that she could excel as a model. When was just 16 years old, Fariba had to abandon her home country of Iran and move to Norway in order to follow her dreams. Since then, Fariba has booked magazine covers and campaigns that made her one of the most recognizable faces in Norway!

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That was about 20 years ago. Fariba’s journey since has been anything but traditional. She decided after just a few years of extreme success as a model, that she wanted to run her own business. Over the past two decades Fariba has created her own real estate and construction empire and she has proven herself as an excellent CEO, raking in accolades in her industry and working with massive contracts! Fariba is even now in the process of opening schools and hospitals in impoverished regions of Africa.

Fariba Rahimi
(c) Sheeraz

But Rahimi is just getting started. A few years ago high profile celebrity makeup artist Edgar Santos reached out to Fariba and helped get her back into modeling. After restarting her modeling career, Fariba has been crushing! She’s landed several great ad campaigns and global brand deals but none as big as her collaborations with Versace.

As an official Versace model, Fariba’s name and world famous face has made its way into powerful Hollywood circles. According to our sources, Fariba has been contacted by top talent agencies who are looking to grab international audiences — and it makes sense. Through her recent work, Fariba has quickly gained a following of over 300,000 loyal fans who are constantly promoting the supermodel’s content.

Fariba is even reportedly in talks with a studio to play a Middle Eastern princess in a high profile upcoming project. While the title hasn’t been released, we can rule out Cleopatra as Gal Gadot recently booked the role. If Fariba’s intense work ethic and tremendous success in front of the camera are any indication, look out for Fariba Rahimi to play a major role in Hollywood for years to come.

You can follow Fariba HERE.

[Image via FAME by Sheeraz]

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Jan 14, 2021 04:00am PDT

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