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Offset Detained & Cardi B's Cousin Arrested While Driving Past Donald Trump Rally In Beverly Hills

Offset detained and Cari B's cousin arrested after driving through a Donald Trump rally in Beverly HIlls

Offset was detained and Cardi B‘s cousin was arrested by officers from the Beverly Hills Police Department on Saturday night, immediately after they apparently drove through a rally going on in support of President Donald Trump.

It’s unclear what role the rally may have played, if any — Cardi herself posted on social media earlier in the evening that the rally had been frightening to her to drive through it — but regardless, Beverly Hills cops briefly detained her husband before releasing him with no charges. They eventually arrested her 20-year-old cousin, Marcelo Almanzar, who was apparently riding in the car with Offset.

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According to multiple outlets, Almanzar, who shares his last name with Cardi, was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a loaded firearm in public. The arrest apparently stemmed from an accusation by an individual who told police he saw Almanzar had “pointed a weapon from a vehicle at him,” though they did not press charges on that specific accusation. His bail was set at $25,000; it’s unclear right now whether he’s still behind bars as of Sunday afternoon.

As for Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, he was detained during the incident as police officers investigated the situation. Offset’s team has released a statement about the incident, claiming “attack by aggressive Trump supporters,” according to People:

“Artist and Philanthropist Offset was detained by the Beverly Hills Police Department following an attack by aggressive Trump supporters. He was released shortly thereafter. Offset thanks his fans for their support and wishes everyone peace and safety during these trying times. He encourages everyone to get out and vote because nothing changes if nothing changes.”

The Migos rapper himself also showed part of the incident in a clip on his Instagram Live account, where officers (with guns drawn) ask him to exit the vehicle. You can see part of that clip (below):


The Beverly Hills Police Department released their own statement about the arrest, including straight up denying Offset was ever arrested:


And here’s the aforementioned Cardi B clip, in which she also indicates she’d been driving through a Trump rally on Saturday evening, so she was apparently somewhere near the area when the incident with police occurred:


Cardi has yet to comment further about the incident as of Sunday evening.

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We’ll keep you posted if anything further comes from this, but as of now, looks like pretty much a dead-end at least as far as Offset is concerned, considering he was never charged with anything.

Just glad everybody walked away safe during a tense situation…

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Instagram]

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