O.J. Simpson Says He’s The REAL Victim Of The 1994 Double Murder — Dude, Are You Fucking Kidding?

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You can fuck right off with this shit, O.J. Simpson.

As we’ve been reporting recently, the former NFL star turned disgraced felon is at the center of attention this week for a new FOX special coming out on Sunday night that looks at his infamous involvement in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman.

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And in a new teaser out for the special airing in about 36 hours, O.J. doesn’t just tease whether or not he actually killed them — which is disgusting enough — but he actually goes so far as to say HE is the real victim here.

So we ask again — O.J., are you FUCKING KIDDING with this unbelievably insensitive, stupid shit?

It’s hard to even think about how unbelievably disrespectful this is.

O.J. is apparently unaware — or doesn’t give a fuck — about how shocking it is for him to make the assertion that HE is the real victim in the tragic murder case because his life was metaphorically ruined by it all.

Considering how this unbelievable jackass has been literally admitting to his involvement in the 1994 double murder… we’re clear to call bull shit on this newly unearthed disgusting “victim” claim.

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Watch the clip HERE.

It’s stomach-turning.

Fuck you, O.J.

[Image via FOX.]

Mar 10, 2018 1:07pm PST

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