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Olivia Jade Officially Moves Out Of Lori Loughlin's Home To 'Start A New Chapter' & Is 'Not Looking Back'

Olivia Jade moves out!

Now we know what that IKEA trip was for!
Olivia Jade is making her best efforts to move past the drama from Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli’s alleged involvement in the nationwide college bribery scandal — by moving into her own place!
Between trying to withdraw from USC and facing the very likely possibility that her mom and dad could spend years in prison, times have been hard for the 19-year-old YouTuber. Recently, Liv was spending time with her parents as they prepared to defend themselves in federal court, making it seem like she was focused on providing them with a Full House of love and support.
But now, gurl is trading that Full House for an empty house where she can “start a new chapter” of her life!
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An Us Weekly source dished:

“Olivia has been leaning on friends and wants a new place to start a new chapter. Olivia is very much in the headspace [that] she wants to move forward from the scandal. She’s focusing on what’s next and not looking back.”

Sorry, mom and dad! A influencer’s gotta influence — and she can’t influence with all that negative energy around her!
While the insider noted that Olivia lived in a dorm at USC at the time the scandal broke, she did not stay on campus “too often” and was mostly “living with friends” during the school year. 

Olivia Jade and Lori Loughlin are leaning on each other
Olivia has more important matters to deal with right now. / (c) WENN

After her parents were arrested and charged for allegedly paying $500,000 in exchange to secure her and sister Isabella Rose’s admissions into USC, the starlet tried her best to stay out of the spotlight. She was initially shacking up in boyfriend Jackson Guthy’s Malibu home before returning back to her parents’ place, where she was said to be supporting her mom as the actress prepared her defense for the trial.
But clearly, Liv is not sticking around to see how it all plays out. The source added:

“Olivia is moving out fully on her own. [She] wants a new place for a fresh start.”

She’s already getting started on it, too! 
On Thursday, moving trucks were seen outside of Loughlin and Giannulli’s mansion in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. A day later, as we reported, Olivia was spotted shopping at an IKEA furniture store in Burbank, California… with a mystery man in tow.
Yup, that fresh start could mean a fresh new man in her life. But it probably just means that Liv is ready to focus on rebuilding her social media empire!
Earlier this month, sources noted that the makeup maven has been ready to “rebuild her business” ever since the scandal caused her to lose several sponsorships and endorsement deals — and rebuilding one’s business is much harder to do when one’s parents are in the kitchen talking defense strategy.
Clearly, Olivia is ready to leave the nest and the future has never been brighter for her. The future for her parents, on the other hand, will probably involve orange jump suits.
[Image via WENN]

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