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The Oscars Were Really All About The Viral Moments From Billie Eilish, Joaquin Phoenix, & MORE! Full Recap HERE!

2020 Oscars most memorable moments viral events and more!

The Oscars went live for their 92nd showing Sunday night in El Lay, and in addition to handing out all the statuettes to stars, there was SO much going on behind the scenes and between the presentations!

Just like any awards show nowadays, what with the advent of Twitter and all, there was no shortage of memorable and viral moments to look back upon, either!

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So, without further ado, you can ch-ch-check out on the most iconic, awesome, funny, and crazy happenings from last night’s Academy Awards that everybody can’t stop talking about today on social media!!!

Cynthia Erivo’s Turn and Look

This. Was. Iconic.

Plain and simple, one of the most memorable glances straight into the camera (and straight into our souls!) after Cynthia Erivo‘s moving performance of Stand Up from Harriet.

Yes, girl!!!

Kristen Wiig & Maya Rudolph

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph never broke character the entire time they were on stage, providing us some serious laughs (and a comedy master class!) when it was their turn to present an award:

Seriously, can we have these two at every award show?!

Billie Eilish’s Reaction Face!

OK, so, nobody told Billie Eilish about Kristen and Maya, considering this was her face at one point during their presentation and sketch:

Billie, girl, come on!

Of course, she also didn’t know who Van Halen was, remember?!

So cut her some slack, she’s young! LOLz!!!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Will Ferrell

Speaking of hilarious presentations, shout out to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell for proving they absolutely had no clue what cinematographers actually do (below):

Film editors, too!

HA!!! Those “earpieces” were a particularly nice touch, too!

Rebel Wilson & James Corden

Rebel Wilson and James Corden owned the bomb that was CATS, and came out in full-on catsuits!

They even went so far as to swat at the microphone during their hilarious presentation:


Imagine working your entire life for an Oscar, only to have it presented to you by James Corden dressed as a cat…

Joaquin Phoenix’s Speech

Joaquin Phoenix‘s speech was particularly powerful last night after he accepted the Best Actor award. He even referenced his late brother, River Phoenix, as you can see:


Talk about the serious, powerful moment of the night…

Idina Menzel & Martin Scorsese React To Eminem

Eminem‘s surprise performance of Lose Yourself sure had everybody talking… but some in the audience didn’t appear to react too well to it?!

Billie and Idina Menzel were the first up, caught on camera (below):


And famed director Martin Scorsese seemingly fell asleep during the musical number:


Brad Pitt & Regina King

Brad Pitt has dealt with a lot of s**t lately (much of it self-made, if we’re being honest…) but his Oscars win was still a feel-good moment of the night.

And immediately, people were caught up on Pitt’s clear connection with award presenter Regina King:

No kidding!!

And no, you are definitely not the only one there!


Bong Joon ho

Korean film director Bong Joon Ho cleaned up at the show last night, winning multiple awards for Parasite, including Best Picture.

But it was his translated speeches that brought real joy to the night! After one win, he admitted he was ready to drink later that evening, stunning the crowd and causing the room to erupt:


And in his acceptance speech for Best Director, the filmmaker openly thanked those he’d been inspired by in the room — even offering to saw his Oscar in five pieces to give them all one part:

So freakin’ cool!!!

Well, what’d U think of the show, Perezcious readers?! Wild as can be, or what??

Sound OFF with your take and more in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Instar]

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