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There’s a lot of changes going on with Project Runway. Let’s hope it’s for the best!

Reports are surfacing that there might be another magazine trying to partner with the show once its contract with Elle expires.

Elle is contracted to be part of the show through its fifth season, which will be its last season on Bravo.

Once the show starts its sixth season on Lifetime, it could have a new magazine, with sources close to the show stating that Marie Claire is expressing an interest in participating.

Would that ever happen, though? Would Project Runway drop Elle? Well, they dropped Bravo, so why not?

Not to mention that Marie Claire is published by Hearst Magazines, whose parent company is co-owner of Lifetime with The Walt Disney Co.

Keeping it all in the family!

The show will also face another change. For the new season, it’ll be filming half of its episodes in Los Angeles.


Well, to accommodate for Heidi Klum‘s schedule, of course. So obviously this means we’re going to see a lot of “Hollywood” type of challenges, though the finale will still be taped in February during New York’s fashion week.

A spokesperson for Marie Claire said, “We think ‘Project Runway’ is a fantastic show, but to speculate at this point beyond season five would be, as [season four winner] Christian Siriano says, ‘A hot mess!'”

Will anyone still be watching the showing a year from now on Lifetime????

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May 05, 2008 12:43pm PDT