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Paris Hilton Claims 8th Grade Teacher Groomed & Even 'Kissed' Her!

Paris Hilton Reveals Eighth Grade Teacher Groomed, ‘Kissed’ & Called Her ‘Almost Every Night’

Paris Hilton is pulling back the curtain on her middle school abuse.

Now that the hotel heiress’ highly anticipated book, Paris: The Memoir, has officially been published, all the details of her troubled upbringing are coming to the light — and some of them are pretty grim.

In one section of the book, the new mother opened up about a “handsome young” teacher she had in eighth grade, whom she nicknamed “Mr. Abercrombie,” as his look was apparently reminiscent of the retail company’s hunky models. She recalled that in her early teen years, the unnamed teacher took a specific liking to her, going as far as telling her that he had a “crush” on her, before giving her his number and asking to keep their extracurricular interactions on the down-low. Yeesh.

Let’s not forget that eighth graders are about 13 to 14 years old. She was an actual CHILD.

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The Simple Life alum wrote: 

“Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood and special.”

Ugh. Telling a child how mature they are. So creepy. She continued: 

“He reminded me that Princess Diana was thirteen years younger than Prince Charles. And Priscilla Presley was my age when Elvis fell in love with her.”

That just goes to show that this man, who Paris never specifically revealed the age of at the time, was purposely manipulating an impressionable child into thinking what he was doing was normal. Textbook groomer.

The DJ added that on one night when her parents, Kathy and Richard Hilton, were out of the house, the teacher drove to see her and actually made physical contact! She wrote: 

“[Mr. Abercerombie] pulled me into his arms and kissed me.”

Yeah, we’re pretty sure this is a full-on crime. She added that things weren’t allowed to go any further — thankfully — because her parents came home and found her in the car with the adult groomer. He quickly blamed the teen, asking:

“Why did you make me do this?”

Absolutely wild to try and make it seem like SHE was the one responsible, and not the adult

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While it’s not clear if the teacher ever faced any consequences for what he did, the Stars Are Blind songstress revealed that following the incident, her parents sent her to live with her grandma in France over summer after the school year ended.

She reflected on the situation, admitting: 

“It took decades for me to actually speak the word pedophile. Casting him in the role of child molester meant casting myself in the role of victim, and I just couldn’t go there.”

Poor Paris. We’re so happy to see her taking back her power, and control over her narrative.

What are your reactions to her traumatic situation, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Paris Hilton/Facebook & E!/YouTube]

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