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Paris Hilton Says Sex 'Terrified' Her -- And She Thought She Was Asexual Until Meeting Husband Carter Reum!

Paris Hilton Believed She Was Asexual Prior To Meeting Husband Carter Reum: ‘Anything Sexual Terrified Me’

Paris Hilton just dropped a bombshell about her sexuality — or, previously, her lack thereof.

The hotel heiress has been known for years as a sex symbol, but now she says her own self-perception was quite the opposite! In her Thursday cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, the 42-year-old revealed that through her 20s, she actually believed she was asexual. She explained: 

“I was known as a sex symbol, but anything sexual terrified me.”

While she was consistently romantically linked to guys throughout the 2000s, she now says that was all on the surface. Inside, she was scarred — by some less-than-satisfying sexual experiences, by her infamous sex tape being released in 2004, and most of all by being groomed by a teacher in middle school — which she writes about in her upcoming memoir, Paris. The Simple Life alum says that through all that she developed a negative association with sex.

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But what about all those relationships? She recalled of that era: 

“I called myself the ‘kissing bandit’ because I only liked to make out. A lot of my relationships didn’t work out because of that.”

Wow! This is mindblowing for anyone who’s followed our namesake’s career! Paris Hilton practically celibate…

However, it seemed that all she needed was a truly positive experience to flip the switch. After meeting her now-husband, Carter Reum, she says she developed a new trust that she had never quite felt before: 

“It wasn’t until Carter that I finally am not that way. I enjoy hooking up with my husband.”

The two met at a Thanksgiving gathering in 2019 and quickly fell in love through the course of the 2020 pandemic. They officially tied the knot in November 2021. She told the outlet: 

“I just feel like after all the hell I’ve been through, I’m finally getting what I deserve, which is someone I can trust and someone to build a real life with.”

Paris had previously been engaged to Jason Shaw from 2002-2003, Paris Latsis in 2005, and Chris Zylka in 2018 — so it’s not like she never tried. It’s really a testament to Reum’s character that he was the one who finally gave the Simple Life alum the respect and vulnerability she needed to come into her own! Paris explained her hubby wasn’t the typical type of guy she would have usually gone for, but he ended up being just what she needed romantically:

“He’s not famous. He’s smart. He comes from a nice family. He’s a good person. It was the opposite of what I had been used to when I was looking for guys.”

As they say, sometimes what you’re looking for are in the places you’d least expect.

Not wonder she felt comfortable taking the next step with him! Last month, the two welcomed a baby boy via surrogate, who has the new mother’s full attention. She playfully explained:

“I’m more interested in babies than billions.”

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She added:

“I want to protect him and to be with him every second. You have this mother instinct that kicks in, which I’ve never had before. I feel so complete now.”

Awww! As for the future, Paris says she looks forward to some day welcoming a baby girl.

We are SO thrilled for where Paris is in life! Everyone deserves that special someone to make them feel fully comfortable in every aspect. See her full cover (below):

What are YOUR thoughts on Paris’ shocking reveal, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Harper’s BAZAAR/YouTube & MEGA/WENN]

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