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Does Paris Hilton Have 'Cold Feet'? Sister Nicky Is Concerned In New Docuseries

paris hilton, nicky hilton : nicky questions if paris is getting cold feet in 'paris in love'

Will Paris Hilton make it to her happily ever after?

That’s what was promised by her new docuseries, Paris In Love, streaming on Peacock. The show follows the heiress and her fiancé Carter Reum from the proposal to the wedding vows. But in the first episode streaming on Thursday, there are actually some concerns about her making it down the aisle.

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The series started on a high note with Carter’s proposal on the beach, where he told his lady love:

“I’m hoping you’re going to hold my hand, keep my heart close the rest of our lives, for good days and bad days.”

Aww! So sweet.

But while the Stars are Blind singer was excited to start trying on wedding dresses, she didn’t seem to be doing much else to make the nuptials happen. Finally, big sis Nicky Hilton wondered aloud:

“Are you getting cold feet? Why is there no date? The date should be the first thing. And then you branch out into everything.”

When Paris blamed her “insane” schedule, Nicky got stern:

“You have to be an adult and deal. We’re sitting here eating. Why don’t you take out your phone right now and call a planner? You can’t rely on mom to do this. You need to do this. I’ll help you.”

However, as much as she gushed about her relationship to pals, another friend still noticed that she seemed to be “stalling” when it came to the wedding. The DJ explained:

“I’m so in love with him, he’s the perfect guy. When you think something is too good to be true … because I’ve been f**ked over and so many bad things in my life, my mind starts going there. … I’m very happy, I know he’s the right one, he’ll never hurt me. He is everything.”

In a confessional, she elaborated:

“Maybe this is too good to be true. I hope it’s not, but it makes me nervous. I always expect the worst to happen, because it has in the past.”

The socialite reflected:

“It takes a very strong and secure man to date me. Most of my last relationships, they would feel emasculated, get jealous, insecure, but Carter’s completely different. He’s so secure with himself and he has success on his own, so he really doesn’t need anything from me but love.”

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She admitted:

“I was planning on starting a family on my own and being one of those independent women who didn’t need a man. I honestly thought I was going to be alone forever and I was fine with it because I had been through hell and back. I was sick of being lied to, cheated on, yelled at, hit, I’ve been through it all and thought that, you know what, nice guys don’t exist and maybe I’m just meant to be me.”

Phew! That’s a lot to think about when you’re planning on tying the knot. We understand why Paris’ loved ones may have had concerns about cold feet.

SPOILER ALERT, though… no need to worry about the television personality calling off the wedding, because it’s actually happening this weekend in a 3-day nuptial bonanza! We may have to wait a while for it to air on Paris in Love, but in real time, we’re closer than ever to our girl saying “I do.” Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

[Image via Peacock/YouTube.]

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