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Paris Jackson Opens Up About Mistreatment At ‘Behavior Modification’ School In Utah

Paris Jackson Opens Up About Mistreatment At ‘Behavior Modification’ School In Utah

Paris Jackson is opening up about her time at a school for so-called “behavior modification.”

If you didn’t know, the 23-year-old was homeschooled up until seventh grade before attending a private school for three years. By the end of her schooling, Paris was sent to a boarding school in Utah for nearly two years – an experience she previously shared left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. And now, she’s spilled even more about the trauma she experienced within the walls of the “unconventional” school.

Looking back, Paris claimed in the new interview with LVR Magazine that the staff members would do whatever it took to not get in trouble with the law. They would even allegedly lie to the students’ parents to ease their worries when their children would call to complain about what was going on. She explained:

“There are a lot of things at play in those schools. They can shut down and reopen under a different name to avoid lawsuits, and it depends on how state laws work. If a kid decides to call their parents and say, ‘Please get me out of here,’ that center will likely hang up the phone and call the parents back to say, ‘Don’t listen to them, they are manipulating you, doing everything they can to get out of here.’”

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The American Horror Stories actress added:

“Who are you going to listen to, a troubled teen or clinical professional?”

For Paris, the problems at the boarding school also extended into other areas – medicating students. The model asked in the interview for doctors to take more care in how they prescribe “addictive medication” to their patients without “vetting” them first:

“There should be a better vetting process [in everything]: before you medicate – or something even more dangerous, like selling a gun – you should vet them. It’s important in all kinds of situations. It could be as simple as a job, or as complicated as medicine or a weapon. Psychiatrists hand out addictive medication like candy without really vetting the patient. There is no harm in vetting.”

The Let Down musician did not clarify whether or not she herself forced to be medicated at the establishment. Ultimately, the magazine noted that Paris pleaded with parents to conduct more research before sending their children to any of those types of schools.

As we mentioned before, the singer has spoken out about her experience at the institution after Paris Hilton came out about the physical and mental abuse she suffered at the Provo Canyon School in the same state. Describing what happened there as “child abuse,” Jackson said she had “nightmares” and “trust issues” as a result of her years spent at the boarding school:

“I stand with @ParisHilton and all the survivors. #BreakingCodeSilence,’ she wrote on her Instagram story at the time. As a girl who also went to a behavior modification ‘boarding school’ for almost two years as a teenager, and has since been diagnosed with PTSD because of it, and continue to have nightmares and trust issues, I stand with @ParisHilton and the other survivors. The other girls I’m still friends with to this day that went to the boarding school with me all have the same symptoms of PTSD and nightmares and trust issues. This is child abuse. #breakingcodesilence. Let’s start with Provo and keep going from there.”

While Michael Jackson’s daughter has not shared too many specific details on what personally happened to her at the school, she confessed to C Magazine in February that it was “very, very similar experiences” as Hilton. She recalled:

“I went through some very, very similar experiences with those kind of teen places. She’s been through a lot and it’s amazing to see her come out of the other end … a diamond. [Hilton has taught me] the importance of setting a good example as a strong woman, and being able to uplift other women.”


We are so proud of Paris for continuing to share her truth as much as possible. You can read the entire interview with LVR Magazine HERE.

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