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Andy Cohen Says He's 'Waiting' To Be Canceled -- But For What?! Plus, His Thoughts On Bethenny Frankel & Real Housewives Stars' 'Sustained Attack' Against Him!

Andy Cohen Says He’s Just ‘Waiting’ To Be Canceled – But For What?!

Andy Cohen is “waiting” for the day he gets canceled — though he seems to be avoiding this dilemma pretty well so far!

In a new interview with Vulture out on Monday, the Watch What Happens Live host opened up about the controversies in his career these days — such as Bethenny Frankel‘s “reality reckoning” and numerous lawsuits that were levied against him and Bravo. Somehow, he still hasn’t been canceled amid all of this! But he knows it’s only a matter of time. He dished:

“Sometimes at night I’ll be in bed and I’ll think, ‘Huh, did I say something?’ I’m always waiting for the thing that’s going to make it all fall down.”

The 56-year-old elaborated:

“It’s fascinating to me, the idea that you could say something and everything would be pulled away from you. […] You have to be smart about what you say because there’s no nuance anymore. People are just waiting to be outraged by every little thing.”

TBH, it’s kind of a miracle he hasn’t been canceled already with that attitude. But, like, is this just a general feeling of dread?? Or is he waiting for something specific to drop?!

As you’ll recall, in the last few months, he’s been accused of offering drugs to talent and handing out special professional favors to people in a lawsuit by Leah McSweeney, who alleged that he and the network preyed on her alcohol issues. Brandi Glanville also accused him of sexual harassment. He has denied all allegations and was cleared by an outside investigation. Many other Bravolebrities also stood up in support of him!

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Then, of course, he’s had to deal with the Skinnygirl CEO trying to rally unscripted talent to form a union and demand better treatment from their network, which he is essentially the face of. Andy previously defended Bravo’s pay structure, telling The Hollywood Reporter last month that “reality stars typically have other jobs” and that “the longer you stay on, the higher your salary gets.” He also noted that nobody has to be on the show and cast members only agree to film if there is some “greater benefit” for themselves. It’s a complicated situaiton, but he’s clearly standing firmly with Bravo on this debate!

So, considering all of this controversy, you’d expect him to be facing some consequences, right? Even just while he was under investigation. But nope! This kind of stuff usually tarnishes people’s reputations, and yet he’s made it through unscathed. This may be why he’s so fascinated by cancel culture!

But just ’cause he was cleared doesn’t mean he wasn’t upset by the drama! Calling the many Housewives-related lawsuits and Bethenny’s “reality reckoning” campaign a “sustained attack,” he said:

“There was a lot of noise. And I was definitely sad about it.”

But he insisted the franchise is still as popular as ever, adding:

“But I’m telling you — and it sounds like bulls**t — but when I walked into BravoCon, it was like, ‘Dude, get off Twitter. That’s a bunch of clickbait. This is sanity.'”

Sanity?! At BravoCon?? LOLz! But here’s the inneresting thing. While Andy’s anticipating the day this will all be over, he’s not going to change his ways — no matter what! He told the outlet:

“I like being provocative. It makes me feel alive in a weird way. It’s dangerous. It’s spontaneous. I think it sometimes gets to the heart of who a person is. If you navigate it well, it can become something incredible and intoxicating. It’s like dancing on the water: Are you going to go over or not?”

So, he clearly loves living on the edge — even if that means going too far one day and getting canceled! But given the fact that he’s avoided consequences so far despite some icky allegations, he’s probably not that worried about his eventual downfall. His fans are proving loyal AF! Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

[Image via WWHL/ABC News/YouTube]

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