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Paul Rudd Sweetly Agrees To Be In Music Video After Meeting Indie Singer At Taylor Swift Concert!

Paul Rudd Appears Claud Music Video Taylor Swift Concert

OK, that’s it. Paul Rudd is just the best. No more arguments.

The Ant-Man star made an indie musician’s year by agreeing to appear in their new music video! If you don’t know Claud, you’re about to. The singer-songwriter is on Phoebe Bridgers‘ label, Saddest Factory Records — you may have heard their track Wish You Were Gay. But they’re about to explode now thanks to a great catchy song called A Good Thing — with a music video dropped on Friday that’s sure to get a lot of folks listening thanks to co-star Paul Rudd!

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Ch-ch-check it out and then find out how Claud scored the Wet Hot American Summer star (below)!

Pretty great, right? And so cool of Paul to do it!

Funny enough, this all came about thanks to Taylor Swift. In a new TikTok posted over the weekend, Claud explains how they saw Paul at a stop on The Eras Tour and decided to shoot their shot!

“I was like, ‘Paul Rudd, this sounds kind of weird but there’s a song on my album, the song’s called Paul Rudd…’ He was so nice about it and he gave me his email and was like, ‘Send it to me. I’d love to hear your album.'”

They did, he “loved the album,” and Claud went for it again — asking Paul to appear in a music video! And he said yes! Claud beamed:

“He came for the whole entire day. He stayed for like five hours, and we shot that whole scene and danced outside. It was the best day of my life.”

Awww! See the full TikTok explanation (below)!


supermodels is out now go check it out #indiemusic #newmusic

♬ A Good Thing – Claud

So cute!

“Paul Rudd doing wholesome side quests!”

“Glad to know Paul Rudd is as amazing as he seems in interviews”

“This made my life. To know Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd”

“Paul Rudd continues to singlehandedly carry my faith in humanity on his shoulders. Checking out the song now!”

“We love Paul Rudd

“‘And he gave me his email’ wow Paul Rudd is too pure for his own safety this is so awesome”

“Wait that’s the cutest thing that he stayed all day”

“i’m gonna cry this is amazing”

And then the comment that sums it all up with the moral of the story:

“The power of asking”

You got that right! Shoot your shot! Be kind and respectful while doing it, but shoot that shot, y’all!

[Image via Claud/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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