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Podcaster Bobbi Althoff's Husband Files For Divorce After Drake Affair Rumors!

Podcaster Bobbi Althoff's Husband Files For Divorce After Drake Affair Rumors!

Podcaster Bobbi Althoff and her husband Cory Althoff are over! But did Drake have something to do with the end of their marriage?!

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ on Wednesday, Cory filed for divorce from the 26-year-old social media personality after four years of marriage. It all seemed pretty ordinary. He requested joint physical and legal custody of their two daughters, 1-year-old Isla and 3-year-old Luca. He cited irreconcilable differences, the old standby. But what he implied may be something a lot spicier…

Cory listed their date of separation as July 4, 2023 — the same month as her eyebrow-raising podcast episode with Drake!

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Here’s the rundown for those who don’t know the drama surrounding the episode! In July of last year, the 37-year-old rapper appeared on her show, The Really Good Podcast, where the two sat in bed together as Bobbi asked him questions in her typical deadpan style. To keep up with her internet persona, she later posted a video of herself on social media looking miserable and unimpressed at one of his concerts as others happily danced and sang along. All fine, right?

Something went down after that video because the next thing fans knew, she deleted the podcast episode with the One Dance artist from her YouTube channel! Drake and Bobbi also unfollowed each other on Instagram! No one could figure out why the TikTok star would remove the video, especially since it earned more than 10 million views at the time. But one question everyone was asking at the time… Did Bobbi and Drake hook up? Is that what caused them to have a falling out?

A month later, Bobbi actually addressed the feud with Drake. While the podcast host didn’t give the exact reason, she did shut down the rumors she cheated on Corey! It started when Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy messaged Bobbi, which he shared on Instagram, saying:

“My girlfriend said you slept with Drake and are getting a divorce. I am saying that is not true.”

To which she replied:

“I’m not commenting on it publicly, but off the record, you’re right that is not true.”

Now, all these months later, Cory filed for divorce and listed their separation date as July — the same month as the podcast episode. Wild! Did he find out Bobbi really did cheat on him with Drake?

Or maybe the rumors themselves got to Cory? Maybe he was jealous of her interaction with the Degrassi alum and forced her to delete the vid — even though nothing happened between them?? Look, we’re just speculating. Obviously it’s possible this had nothing to do with Drizzy. Couples split all the time with no A-lister affairs.

But that date of separation, given all the rumors… it’s all pretty sus! And the timing of the divorce filing coming right after that Drake penis video? Hmm.

Neither Bobbi nor Cory has addressed their breakup publicly yet. But maybe we’ll get answers soon. But what are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bobbi Althoff/YouTube/TikTok, WENN]

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