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Prince Harry Also Had A Falling Out With The Actor Who Plays Charles?!

Prince Harry Falling Out The Crown Prince Charles Actor Dominic West

We knew, of course, of the royal rift between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles. We didn’t know there was bad blood with the actor who plays him on The Crown!

Harry reportedly used to be a fan of the Netflix hit, before this final season anyway. When we heard he was no longer watching the show this season, we assumed it was due to the depiction of his mother Princess Diana‘s death, as well as his own awkward adolescence. But there’s another uncomfortable aspect which may have pushed him away — the casting of Prince Charles.

Actor Dominic West, of The Wire fame, took on that role for this final era of the royal family’s saga. And it turns out he and Harry used to be friends — but had a terrible falling out!

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On the latest episode of Times Radio‘s Sunday Morning, West was asked about his friendship with the Duke of Sussex. And he revealed they no longer speak!

“We sort of [lost touch because] I said too much in a press conference, and so, we didn’t speak after that.”

A press conference? What did he say?? This was after an event for the charity Walking With the Wounded in 2013, in which Dominic and Harry went on an expedition to the South Pole with a group of injured soldiers. It had apparently been a joyous excursion for the pals. However, the following year in a press conference, the 300 alum gave what he thought was an innocent answer about how they celebrated the successful trek:

“I think I was asked what we did. [And] what we did to celebrate when we got there and [I] probably said too much.”

Dominic demurred a bit on the radio program. But‘s Richard Eden got the inside scoop. The journo was told last year what it was specifically that West said which offended His Majesty.

He shared in the press conference how Harry was a “really cool guy” and “part of the team.” But he also mentioned the Prince “told some eye-wateringly rude jokes which for a non-soldier like me was pretty shocking.” Apparently they had a raucous celebration upon reaching their goal — remember, this is the Prince Harry of 2013, years before Meghan Markle entered the picture. The quotes, per the outlet, went:

“Two of the Aussie guys stripped naked and ran round the pole but most of us, Harry included, just went on a two-day bender with the Icelandic truck drivers who had brought some lethal home brew with them. There was a lot of liqueur drunk.”

But it was specifically West’s admission that the group the group shared a toast to their victory and “all drank champagne” out of the hollow prosthetic leg of one of their compatriots, a double amputee who had been injured in Afghanistan.

That was what West said that ticked off his pal. Eden wrote:

“‘Harry threw a s**t fit,’ West’s friend told me in May 2022. ‘He accused Dominic of invading his privacy. Dominic told him not to be ridiculous. They haven’t spoken since.'”

Damn. It really doesn’t seem like that big a deal. A faux pas maybe, something a friend should be able to apologize for. It makes you wonder what kind of flack Harry got for it from The Firm, right? Because his reaction was anything but forgiving.

Eden was told Harry not only cut off contact with West, he cut off anyone who was friends with West! Whoa!

Seems like Harry was pretty touchy about his privacy even a decade ago, long before Megxit. Inneresting. Do YOU think this was too

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