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Reason For Feud?? Prince William Is 'Envious' Of Prince Harry For THIS Super Petty Reason!

Prince William Is ‘Envious’ Of Prince Harry – Here’s Why!

If this is the reason for the feud, Prince William and Prince Harry may never reconcile!

According to a source for Us Weekly on Tuesday, the relationship between the brothers remains super strained because of — you guessed it — jealousy! And we’re not talking about Harry feeling left out as the “spare” this time! The insider dished:

“William is a bit envious of [his brother’s] freedoms.”

It’s always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

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Royal historian Ed Owens doubled down on this being a big reason for the rift, telling the outlet that the heir to the throne certainly “feels envious” of his young brother — but not just because he was able to — well, more like, was forced to — walk away from the royal family and build a life of his own. The bad blood actually stems from… the Invictus Games! Really??

Owens explained that “Harry has done remarkable things” with the sporting event — beating the odds, or at least, William’s expectations! Remember, the Invictus Games used to be a family affair since it was created when Harry was still linked to The Royal Foundation, a charity the brothers used to run. Harry took full control of the Games when he left his role as a working royal. So, the fact he’s made it so successful since then has to add to William’s frustration! The royal biographer detailed:

“[The Invictus Games] now has international presences, and I think that international stage is something both brothers are clearly vying for. That international limelight really sets Harry’s work apart from other members of the royal family.”

That’s just what British journalist Robert Jobson previously claimed, too! So, with all this jealousy, Willy must hate that Harry’s returning to London to celebrate the Games’ 10th anniversary next month, right? It’s kinda like he’s rubbing salt in the wound with that destination, y’know? But here’s the really interesting thing! The Duke of Sussex supposedly doesn’t care about the competitive vibes anymore. In fact, he invited his whole family to the milestone event next month, according to a second source! Wow!

We already know King Charles III is likely going to snub Meghan Markle‘s husband because he’s apparently going to be very busy. But will William and Princess Catherine accept the offer?? So far, it’s unclear. It would be HUGE if they did — but considering the Princess of Wales is still laying low amid her cancer treatment, she has an easy out. We wouldn’t count on a reunion at this point, but you never know!

Either way, it doesn’t sound like the 39-year-old Archewell founder will mind if his family ditches the event. The source insisted he’s not caught up in competing with his brother anymore, sharing:

“Harry is very content [and] doesn’t have any of those [old] feelings now. He feels that his life has purpose and meaning and that he can bring a lot of good to the world.”

It’s great what he’s doing, but let’s be real. The only reason he’s not the one super jealous right now is because he’s got the upper hand in this situation. We’re sure there will come a day when the roles are reversed again. These brothers just can’t help it!

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