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Rachel Leviss Is Just Now Realizing She Still Owes Ariana Madix An Apology?!!

Rachel Leviss Is Just Now Realizing She Still Owes Ariana Madix An Apology?!!

It is only now registering to Rachel Leviss that she has a lot more to apologize to Ariana Madix for when it comes to her actions following Scandoval. Seriously?!?!

Perezcious readers know that months after the cheating scandal blew up the reality television world, the 29-year-old and Tom Sandoval were still sending letters and packages to each other while she was at a mental health facility. Rachel even sent a postcard to Ariana and Tom’s shared home with a bunch of lightning bolts on it — which the 38-year-old obviously saw! Talk about rubbing the salt in the wound! Looking back on that time, though, Rachel finally now realizes how messed up her actions were!

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While reflecting on the Season 11 premiere of Vanderpump Rules on her podcast Rachel Goes Rogue, she talked about her communication with Sandoval amid the fallout from Scandoval. She said:

“It was hard to see because I’m in a different place than I was back then. It’s a weird time warp when you’re watching a show like this and living one reality in that moment and then, months later when the episodes air, you’re living in another reality but you’re also reliving those moments that they captured on camera. And so it’s a nod to my younger self who was still in love and infatuated.”

Rachel noted that she apologized at the season ten reunion for having a full-on affair with Ariana’s then-boyfriend behind her back. However, she understands now that her behavior afterward did not match her previous words at all! So, the former reality star said she owes an apology to Ariana:

“I feel like, with my apology that I made at the reunion, I had all the right intentions and I was extremely sorry. But there’s another part of an apology, which is your actions afterward — they have to align with what you’re saying. And by sending him letters and being in contact for a good amount of time, I still want to take this time now to apologize again because I am in a different place than I was back then, and I can see things a lot clearer now.”

Hmm… Rachel went on to say she wants to take “accountability” for what happened, adding:

“I got emotional watching that. You know, like, I recognized that my behavior was so hurtful to her.”

Well, we bet Ariana feels this so-called apology is a little too late! Not to mention that it may not seem like a genuine apology since it was only last week that Rachel tried to dodge all responsibility for her part in Scandoval! Rachel also won’t get to even deliver her message in person since she refused to return to Vanderpump Rules this season — and Ariana most likely doesn’t want to hear from her still! But the former pageant queen is sticking by her decision to leave the show, noting:

“I’m so happy that I’ve been able to find more peace in my life and my day to day is stable and as serene as it could be in this stage in my life, I believe. … I do worry about things that are going to come up this season, but I’m just happy that I’m not in it like I used to be.”

For now, Rachel plans to continue to tune in and watch the rest of the new season of VPR. And she probably will have a lot to say about what goes down with her former cast members moving forward. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)…

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