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Garcelle Beauvais' Son Oliver Saunders Is Actually Defending Raquel Leviss Amid Scandoval??

Garcelle Beauvais' Son Oliver Saunders Is Actually Defending Raquel Leviss Amid Scandoval??

Garcelle Beauvais‘ son just went on a podcast to talk about the Scandoval situation, and his comments are really, uhhh, something else…

Oliver Saunders has found himself in the news recently for his role in some Vanderpump Rules controversies. As Perezcious readers will recall, the Vanderpump à Paris server was at the center of his own make out scandal with Raquel Leviss earlier this year. His estranged wife has since come out to claim she and Oliver were still together when he and Leviss locked lips amid a major storyline on that recent VPR episode.

So to hear Saunders back the 28-year-old Scandoval participant SO strongly in these new podcast comments is, um, really something!!!

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Oliver’s fresh commentary came up during a brand-new episode of the Sarah Fraser Show released on Monday. In the discussion, the 32-year-old server slammed fans who have been coming for Raquel after her affair with Tom Sandoval was first unearthed:

“It rubs me the wrong way how many people I feel like are so quick to judge or say negative things about somebody without really, genuinely knowing the person. You gotta give her a break. It’s a mistake and we all make mistakes.”

OK, uh, “we all make mistakes” is quite a take considering Raquel and Tom were involved in a months-long affair behind Ariana Madix‘s back. Ya know?? It’s not like the duo had one passionate night of indiscretion or something. That would be bad enough! But this was months and months of cheating! They had plenty of opportunities to think better of what they were doing, and they just… didn’t!

Oliver wasn’t done there, though. The Bravo-lebrity went on to double down that “everybody makes mistakes” and got sanctimonious about Leviss’ very vocal critics:

“From all of our encounters, which weren’t many, she seemed like a sweetheart to me. I guess it wasn’t the right thing to do to one of her friends, but she is living her life and everybody makes mistakes. It’s crazy that so many people want to try to crucify her for this or say this about her as if they have never made a mistake or made the wrong choice before, it’s a human thing.”

Saunders also added:

“Yes, she shouldn’t have been hooking up with our friends’ dude, but we all make mistakes. I don’t think you can really judge somebody’s whole character by just one action that’s happened.”


What do you mean you “guess it wasn’t the right thing to do”?? Of course it wasn’t! Raquel isn’t a child! She (and Tom, TBH) are damn sure old enough to know right from wrong! Why is Oliver letting them off the hook like this?!

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To Saunders’ credit, he did say one absolutely correct thing during the podcast. While defending Raquel (ick), he also asked why the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman hasn’t received the same amount of hate and vitriol online!

Calling out the seeming “double standard” involved, Oliver added:

“Why people are so fueled against her as opposed to both of them? It’s a crazy thing.”

Now that’s a very good point!!

That other stuff, tho…

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Oliver concluded by explaining how his gig at Lisa Vanderpump‘s Sin City restaurant has been completely consumed by restaurant guests asking about Leviss and Sandoval. But while Saunders said it’s been an “insane” time, there isn’t much for him to tell anyone.

He wrapped his commentary by explaining how he hasn’t “kept in touch” with Raquel recently. However, there is apparently some sort of forthcoming interaction between the two of them upcoming in a future episode of VPR:

“We do have an episode that’s coming out in the next week or two I believe. I went to Pump with my mother and Lisa and then me and Raquel went out to dinner in Beverly Hills. We spoke a little after that but you know she’s got a lot going on. I wish her the best through on all of her endeavors. But we haven’t kept in touch.”

Well that will certainly be interesting!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Raquel Leviss/Instagram/Oliver Saunders/Instagram]

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