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Incredible Real-Life Pandemic Fairytale Has Twitter Going Crazy! This Is SO Sweet!

Incredible mid-quarantine real life fairytale will make your heart melt!

This is the sweetest thing EVER!

On Friday night, a Twitter user identifying by the name of Kelly Victoria released a stunning tweet-thread about an interaction she’d been having with a little girl in her neighborhood over the last few months. Hemmed in by the pandemic and its required quarantine orders, the little girl built a fairy garden outside of her house, if only to serve as a creative outlet to the rest of the world while she was stuck inside.

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When Kelly Victoria came about it during a late-night walk, she immediately set out to respond to the little girl, and help grow the whimsical fairy garden. What happened after that is, well, amazing.

As we mentioned, Kelly Victoria shared the whole thing in a heartwarming tweet thread about how she was able to make a connection with this lonely little girl during quarantine. And it just goes to show how creative, and kind, and sweet some people can be — we love to see it!

Read the entire tweet thread (below):

Awww! That’s so unbelievably sweet!

Love to see people finding their way through this pandemic — and the difficult quarantine periods it has required — by being creative, and inventive, and above all BY LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER!

Just another reminder here that we’re all in this together! So great!

And Twitter had plenty to say about it in reaction, too! Ch-ch-check out just a few of the positive responses to this sweet, heartfelt tale (below):

“This was an outstanding story. Thanks for being a good person! I know times are rough. Keep fighting and keep loving. The world will always have a place for people like you.”

“OMG! What a beautiful story . In a time of your personal darkness you brought light to another. You touched someone’s life in a Beautiful and unforgettable way. She will forever remember that special fairy. You made a difference”

“Thank you for sharing your sweet, sweet story. It does indeed take a village… and now you have a new friend”

“Sapphire, thank you for sharing this story that has given me hope for humanity and renewed my faith in fairies!”

“As a father of 2 girls who both had ‘fairy stages’ I can promise you she will never forget this or you. Great job being an good person. Thank you.”

“I’m sure many others have said this, but since I haven’t seen it in the many replies I’ve read, here goes: you are absolutely that little girl’s fairy godmother. Thank you for taking her (and her parents) on that journey of love.”

“I’m crying.What a beautiful thing you did for her and yourself. You helped develop her imagination and gave her so much love. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment in both of your lives at such a hard time for all of us. It’s a great lesson in kindness&hope.”

Awww! Love it!

Don’t you?!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF about this with your take on it, down in the comments (below)!

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Dec 13, 2020 09:59am PDT