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Rebecca Black HILARIOUSLY Bashes Andrew Tate's Terrible Music Video!

Rebecca Black Mocks Andrew Tate Music Video on Twitter

Oh wow, when you have Rebecca Black mocking your music video…

Andrew Tate‘s epic fail trying to mock Greta Thunberg — and the subsequent arrest on human trafficking charges that seemed to stem from his lame response video — have ironically made him more of a household name than ever before. Only he’s getting more infamous than famous as more and more folks learn just what an absolute toolbag he’s been.

That includes the resurfacing of his super cringy music video for a song called Sugar Daddy. As with most of his online activity, it’s intended to show off how cool and sexy and rich he is — but really all it does is show how him as a pathetic loser grasping at fame.

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Rebecca Black — who has grown into a legit singer in her own right, as well as an entertaining and self-aware internet personality — called it perfectly. She pointed out with pinpoint accuracy and delicious self-deprecation that this grown man was doing exactly what she had done as a child when she went mega-viral with her Friday music video, tweeting simply:

“I was 13 this man is 36”

OMG! That may be a legitimately more satisfying a dunk than Greta’s! Harsh, but… where is the lie?

The fact he’s a grown man imitating the Rebecca Black model should be mortifying! We mean, he’s even in a car with his friends, partyin’, partyin’, yeah! Only, you know, probably on his way to commit horrifying crimes.

See the undisputed queen doing her thing at 13 — and looking way cooler than a 36-year-old (below)!

[Image via Rebecca Black/Andrew Tate/YouTube.]

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Jan 06, 2023 16:15pm PDT

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