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RHOBH Fans SLAM Kathy Hilton For Wild Response To Sutton Stracke's Medical Emergency!

RHOBH SLAM Kathy Hilton For Taking Sutton Stracke's Reunion Medical Emergency So Casually!

Kathy Hilton very publicly didn’t give a s**t about Sutton Stracke‘s mid-reunion medical emergency. And now the socialite is hearing about it online!

On the third part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion on Wednesday night, Kathy made a surprise appearance while the women were hashing things out with Andy Cohen. As the 65-year-old strode confidently onto the stage, Sutton was the one most visibly shocked by Kathy’s unexpected arrival. And shortly thereafter, Sutton had the infamous medical emergency that necessitated paramedics rush to the stage to monitor her heartbeat and blood pressure!!

But while first responders, Andy himself, Dorit Kemsley, and Sutton’s seatmate Garcelle Beauvais did what they could to calm her down, Kathy did nothing. She didn’t even look worried. As paramedics rushed to Sutton’s aid, Kathy shrugged off the emergency by derisively calling it a “hot flash” for the 52-year-old.

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Then — and this is what really got fans going — Kathy turned to have a casual conversation with Erika Jayne while nonchalantly checking her phone! Mid-emergency, Erika asked how Kathy was doing, and Hilton shrugged her shoulders and lamented how she “didn’t get to enjoy” this past holiday season as much as she’d hoped. And she continued to scroll through on her phone. As casual as a day in the park… all while paramedics were rendering aid to a woman TEN FEET AWAY!!!

When the EMT asked Stracke what happened, the Sutton Concept creator admitted she “got scared” and became overwhelmed with anxiety. Hearing that, Kathy smirked and dropped one word in response:


Then, after Sutton was led off stage (she was transported to a hospital to get checked out and was eventually cleared), Kathy let out a laugh and said:

“I was about to go after her next. … I think she knew it. It’s a good way to get out of being here.”

Cold world!!

Watch it all — from Kathy’s entrance, to Sutton seizing up, to the paramedic’s arrival, to the cutting comments — as it played out during the reunion episode (below):

Immediately, fans popped up on X (Twitter) and shared their thoughts about Kathy’s seemingly uncaring response:

“The character she’s been playing since last year is a mask. The REAL Kathy is the cold, mean woman we saw when Sutton had her panic attack”

“I used to LOVE Kathy but her saying that Sutton’s dangerous high blood pressure is fake to get out of speaking to her is NASTY work”

“Why is Kathy Hilton laughing while Sutton is experiencing a medical emergency?”

“And just like that, my love for Kathy Hilton is gone lol.”

“Sorry but Kathy and Erika not giving a single f**k about Sutton having collapsed… I am screaming”

“It’s rude and uncaring. Erika cares about no one but herself”

“So she willed her blood pressure and pulse up to dangerous level. Man, she is amazing”

“Disgusting and heartless”

“Did she just drag Sutton while she’s like having a panic attack and then carry on having a casual convo with Erika about the holidays and replying to some texts?”

And just like always, the memes were meme-ing about the interaction, too:


FWIW, this story has kind of a strange ending. Sutton spoke to Page Six earlier this week in anticipation of Wednesday night’s reunion reveal, and she explained all the fallout! First, she said she was eventually diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion. A “severe case of bronchitis” that she’d just fully gotten over earlier this year was the lingering culprit, she claimed, in addition to a hectic cross-country travel schedule:

“I ended up going to the emergency room with truly one of my best friends, Garcelle. I was working a lot between New York and LA, back and forth, working on my new company, Sutton Brands. … I was really down for about ten days. I had to shut my life down, which is very difficult for me. And it took about six weeks for me to feel 100 percent again.”

Then, Sutton claimed Kathy checked in on her after she got out of the hospital that night!! Uh, really?? She told the outlet:

“We’re very good friends. Kathy was like, ‘what’s going on?’ Kathy was calling me when I got out of the emergency room that night, checking on me. The entire cast checked on me, not just one day but several days.”

Well, uhhh, we are certainly surprised to hear that detail. And we’ll just leave it at that. LOLz! Thankfully, in a title card that flashed across the screen at the end of the episode, Bravo confirmed that Sutton recovered fully from the scary attack.

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Do U buy the claim that Kathy checked in on Sutton after the show?! Do U think Kathy was cruel for being so casual about the on-stage situation?! (And Erika, too, TBH.) Or was she right, and Sutton was being dramatic?? Share your takes in the comments (below)!

[Image via Bravo]

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