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RHONJ's Joe Gorga Blasts Wife Melissa In Stand-Up Set, Says She 'Avoids' Sleeping With Him! Yikes!

RHONJ Star Joe Gorga Blasts Wife Melissa In Stand-Up Set, Says She 'Avoids Sex' With Him! Yikes!

Joe Gorga is shedding light on his marital issues… through comedy?!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been married to wife Melissa Gorga for 19 years. But to hear him talk about it in his latest stand-up set in the Garden State makes it seem as though he’s TOTALLY fed up with their relationship. Jeez!! (BTW, Joe’s estranged sister and Melissa’s sworn reality TV enemy Teresa Giudice is likely carefully reading this entire report right now… so, hi there, Tre! Ha!)

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Anyways, this past Saturday, Joe showed up for a stand-up set at the Catch A Rising Star comedy club in Princeton, New Jersey. The 47-year-old Bravo vet hadn’t done a comedy set since before the pandemic, per the US Sun, so it would stand to reason his material was tight, and packed with his best jokes and crowd work, right?! Uhh, well… per that outlet, an eyewitness at the club that night claimed Joe made Melissa into the butt of many of his jokes:

“Joe kept calling out his wife in his jokes, making it seem like they have marital problems.”

The witness revealed that Joe used the set to repeatedly joke about his (lack of) sex life:

“He began by talking about having this dream he normally has about seeing this gorgeous mermaid with curly hair and ‘big tits.’ When the mermaid touched him, he said he enjoyed it and joked, ‘I haven’t been touched in 18 years, I haven’t been kissed in 18 years.'”

Then, the viewer explained how Joe joked his wife “keeps on avoiding sex” with him at home:

“He explained two instances when he thought Melissa was in the mood for sex but gave excuses like she had a stomach ache and another time, only gave him five minutes for sex. He made it seem like she keeps on avoiding sex.”


In other bits that night, Joe claimed Melissa would supposedly call him “a loser” if he didn’t take out the trash, and she would allegedly complain that she was “getting bored” with their bond because he works too much and doesn’t go out on the town with her often enough.

And in another portion of his set, he also alleged Melissa once made him take a lie detector test to see if he was covering up an affair!! Thinking Joe was cheating after he accidentally butt-dialed her while on a construction site, Melissa and her mother Donna Marco supposedly asked the RHONJ house hubby to take the lie detector test to prove himself. Per the eyewitness, Joe laid it out on stage:

“When he got home, he said Melissa had her mom and her sister over waiting for him to ask him about the affair. They also had a guy with a lie detector test who hooked up the wires everywhere, including his penis. One of the questions Melissa asked him was, ‘Do you ever fantasize about any of my friends?'”

Joe then claimed that he passed the test, so that’s good?! Still, the insider was up in arms about how much the reality vet’s comedy focused on his marriage:

“If I were Melissa, I would be completely embarrassed by some of the stuff he spilled on stage, even if things he said weren’t true.”

No kidding. But!!! That outlet also reports Melissa was in the audience for the stand-up set on Saturday! She was there along with her RHONJ co-stars Margaret Josephs and Rachel Fuda, and their respective husbands Joe Begnino and John Fuda. And there’s no report of Melissa storming out of the club or anything, so… yeah. Just pointing that out!

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Interestingly, Joe happened to speak to the US Sun BEFORE he took the stage on Saturday, too. Prior to the debut of his marriage-focused material, he told the news org that his bits were about “real family stuff,” saying:

“It’s more like inside real family stuff, which is stuff they [viewers] don’t see on TV. I talk about my kids, stuff that happens with them in life. And it’s just real s**t that people that are married, people that are dating, people that have children go through every day.”

He even preemptively addressed whether Melissa was a fan of his comedy! And the answer is… sometimes. Joe explained:

“Sometimes she likes it, sometimes she doesn’t. That’s why you never tell your family what you’re going to do. I was taught from the beginning, from all the comedians — you never show your material to your family. They’re your worst critics. So, I really don’t let her see anything.”

Then, trying to lay the groundwork for a “just joking” defense, he concluded:

“And you got to remember something: it is comedy. It’s not serious, even though it might be true, but you’re laughing about it. It’s just funny.”

We get that. It’s stand-up, even though it “might be true.” Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if some (all?!) of it was made-up bull s**t meant for nothing else other than to draw a laugh!! But still, made up or not, it inevitably does reflect on Melissa in a not-so-good light, so maybe she would be within her rights to be mad about it, too. Ya know??

[Image via Joe Gorga/Instagram/Instagram]

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