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From Controversy To Daddy Duty: Rob Kardashian's Biggest Life Moments So Far!

rob kardashian life timeline

The birthday boy!!

Rob Kardashian turns 33 today (March 17, 2020) and in honor of his b-day we’re taking you on a walk down memory lane highlighting some of his life’s biggest moments — so far. From making a splash on the reality TV scene with his family to romances and becoming a dad, there’s been no shortage of ups and downs for the youngest Kardashian over the years.

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Take a look (below) at a few of the highlights:

KUWTK Premieres — October 14, 2007

rob kardashian season 1 kuwtk
(c) E!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered on October 14, 2007 and sent the Kardashian-Jenner family into the direct spotlight. Rob starred as a main star of the show through season 13, though he has made cameos since.

On the series, his friendship with sister Kourtney Kardashian‘s on-again off-again boyfriend Scott Disick was chronicled, along with his two-year relationship with Adrienne Bailon. In 2012, he launched his sock line Arthur George (his middle name is Arthur), which was also seen on the show.

Rob & Chyna — September 11, 2016

rob & chyna intro
(c) E!

Rob starred in his first spin-off from the original series which brought him fame alongside then-fiancée Blac Chyna. The series Rob & Chyna was short-lived and only aired six episodes, along with a seventh special featuring the birth of their daughter. Despite not performing well, the series was renewed for a second season which was set to premiere in 2017. But as we know, that never happened!

In October 2017, Chyna filed a lawsuit against her ex, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, claiming they forced the reality series to be canceled and accuses the famous fam of defaming her in the press, costing her millions in damages. As of early 2020, the legal proceedings are ongoing.

Welcoming Dream — November 10, 2016

dream kardashian
(c) Rob Kardashian/Instagram

Dream Renée Kardashian was born on November 10, 2016 and she’s just the sweetest!

Her parents celebrated their 1-year anniversary together in January 2017, but as you can imagine it didn’t last too long for them. Their custody battle has been drawn out for nearly the entirety of Dream’s life, and they remain immersed in legal drama. We can only hope for their daughter’s sake they stop the fighting!!

Instagram Ban — July 5, 2017

rob kardashian blac chyna
(c) Judy Eddy/WENN

While others may have been recovering from their Fourth of July hangovers, Rob had his claws OUT. The new father made a series of explosive claims of infidelity, child neglect, and drug abuse against Chyna, and shared explicit images of the model to his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

He was subsequently banned from IG, though the damage had already been done and his baby momma opted for a restraining order against him. On Snapchat, the mother of two later accused Rob of beating her and hiding behind his famous last name:

“Rob u did all this but u beat me up and try act it never happen!!!!! U put hand on me I swear on god!!!! On my kids but I’m supposed to be quiet because you’re a Kardashian.”

Rob Pushes For Sole Custody Of Dream — January 2020

rob kardashian holding his daughter dream kardashian
(c) Rob Kardashian/Instagram

Mr. Kardashian started off the new year with a bang when he filed for sole custody of his 3-year-old daughter.  In the legal docs, he accused his ex of several alleged antics which he claims have had an impact on their little girl, stating that she has been “naked twerking, and acting out sexual positions that she said her mom taught her.”

His emergency request was denied, with Chyna’s legal team stating at the time:

“Chyna will not back down from Rob and his family’s attempt to take away her agreed-upon custody of Dream. She will continue to take all necessary steps to protect her children, including defeating Rob’s and his family’s latest attempt to undermine Chyna’s joy as a mother to Dream and her ability to make a living as a single mother – without any child support from Rob.”

As you can imagine, the back and forth has carried on and will likely do so until they can come to a happy medium in the best interest of Dream. Though we don’t think it will happen anytime soon. He says she should submit to drug testing, and she says he needs a mental health evaluation, so on and so forth!

Weight Gain & Slim Down

rob kardashian weight gain and loss
(c) Judy Eddy/WENN

Rob has been a bit of a mystery the past few years since we haven’t seen much of him. He’s been living a reclusive lifestyle, and admitted to People back in 2016 that was largely due to his weight gain:

“I gained a bunch of weight and was super uncomfortable in my skin. The whole weight thing really affected me.”

We haven’t seen much of Rob lately aside from a few images shared in the fall, but it’s been said by sources he’s focusing on his mental and physical health. We even heard a romantic rumor at one point!

Because of the intense spotlight on his fam, it’s a no wonder it’s taken him some time to creep back out of his shell and into our world again. According to a source, he’s been taking things one step at a time:

“Rob has been having ups and downs for years. It’s been a sad situation, mostly because he disconnects from the world because he doesn’t feel well mentally. His weight gain has long been a struggle. It makes him miserable. A few years ago, he got to the point where he had gained too much weight for it to easily come off. It takes a lot of work and effort to get all that weight off. And it’s been a huge, mental challenge for him.”

Let’s hope 33 is his comeback year. Happy Birthday, Rob!!

[Image via WENN & Rob Kardashian/Instagram.]

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