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Comeback Season -- Rob Kardashian Is Hitting The Gym Again!

Rob Kardashian weight loss fitness

He’s back, baby!
Rob Kardashian — known among other things for his reclusive nature and desire to spend time far away from the spotlights of the KUWTK cameras as he battles weight issues — appears to be getting back on track, and it’s great to see!
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The 32-year-old son of the KarJenner empire tweeted on Monday a picture of a home gym and basketball court with the words “Day 1 all good” in the caption, indicating he’s apparently back on a journey to good health and great fitness.
Here’s the picture (below):

Fans in the replies were generally super supportive, encouraging the Arthur George sock-maker to get back on his grind and keep going with the weight loss routine. The reality TV star has long struggled with his weight as a young adult, keeping him out of the spotlight and proving to be a demon he’s now had to battle for years. And while he’s had moments of fitness breakthroughs before, it’s definitely been a challenge to stick to a routine and get on a healthy plan.
Of course… Rob may have a damn good reason for his new fitness routine, too: how about a certain Dominican singer named Natti Natasha??? Just sayin’!!! The pair have been super flirty on social media over the last couple weeks, even going so far as to get caught and called out by Rob’s closest sisKhloé Kardashian! If there really is something to this thing with Natasha, it makes sense that Kardashian would want to put his best foot forward here… hey, whatever works!
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Regardless of the potential implications on his love life, it’s great to see the poppa of one showing his body a little love with the added fitness routine. He’s been battling demons and working through fitness and weight loss issues for quite some time now, it would appear, and every day where he can start fresh and do something positive for himself is a guaranteed good day! Especially so he can be there for the long haul for his daughterDream Kardashian!
Here’s to Rob getting back on track! All of us could use the push, really… it’s never to late to start again and turn over a new leaf! It’s comeback season — super inspiring!!!
[Image via WENN]

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