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Fans Call Robert Downey Jr 'Classless' & 'Rude' For Snubbing Ke Huy Quan While Accepting Oscar -- But DID HE??

Robert Downey Jr Oscars Snub Ke Huy Quan Debunked

Robert Downey Jr. finally won an Oscar after being nominated multiple times — the first over 30 years ago for his phenomenal work in Chaplin.

Unfortunately on social media the celebration has been a bit spoiled by accusations he was being a jerk while accepting the gold!

This year the ceremony livened things up by bringing past winners to introduce the nominees. RDJ’s good friend Sam Rockwell introed him, with the other nominees being talked up by Mahershala AliTim RobbinsChristoph Waltz, and last year’s winner Ke Huy Quan. When RDJ walked onstage it was Ke who handed him the statue. But he didn’t acknowledge him at all! Watch!

It’s true, RDJ doesn’t seem to even see Ke, Christoph, or Mahershala. After a moment of staring blankly, he does fist bump Tim and Sam.

Robert Downey Jr snubs Ke Huy Quan
(c) Oscars/ABC/YouTube

So was it a snub? The cold shoulder? That’s what plenty of viewers thought! See their outraged comments:


“The way he took the Oscar from Ke Huy Quan without acknowledging him at all showed a real lack of class”

“He literally handed him the award with the biggest smile on his face and Robert blatantly ignored him”

“Okay I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I get this is RDJs moment but it’s Ke Huy’s too. It’s important to an actor to pass on their win to the next and he was the most ignored person of the 5 up there.”

“I know he maintains his ‘Tony Stark’ kind of personality but this was rude.”

“You can be the biggest star yet have zero humility and grace.”

So was he being rude? Or could it be he was overwhelmed in the moment? And when he did regain his composure, the person in his eyeline was Tim? And he also thought to fist-bump his friend who just spoke so highly of him?

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We suppose it would be totally up for debate, depending on whether you chose to assume the worst or give the man a little credit. Except… it’s not really up for debate.

See, you could only really think RDJ was being rude if you only watched a clip online. If you watched the actual show, immediately after his speech, when they were cutting to commercial, you can see the whole group leaving the stage. And with whom was the Avengers star engaged in animated conversation? Speaking closely, arms around one another?

Yeah. It was Ke.

Robert Downey Jr and Ke Huy Quan 1
(c) Oscars/ABC/YouTube
Robert Downey Jr and Ke Huy Quan 2
(c) Oscars/ABC/YouTube

Sorry, y’all, but this one is debunked.

In general, we’d recommend always giving people winning awards the benefit of the doubt. That’s an exhilarating but anxiety-inducing experience. Think of how many stars you’ve heard say they “blacked out” afterward. That’s not hyperbole, it really is that crazy in the moment. Think about it next time before making assumptions or piling on!

[Image via Oscars/ABC/YouTube.]

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Mar 11, 2024 12:30pm PDT

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