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'Missing' Rudy Farias' Mom Accused Of Bigamy By Ex-Husband -- She Was Married To SIX People?!

'Missing' Rudy Farias' Mom's Suspicious Behavior Continues -- Ex Claims She's A Bigamist Who Was Married To 'At Least One' Of Five Other People!

The case of not-so-missing teen Rudolph “Rudy” Farias continues to puzzle police. Meanwhile the tangled history of the mom who allegedly faked his disappearance is slowly being uncovered.

Rudy’s story has continued to stun the world. He was miraculously found unconscious outside of a church in Houston after being missing for nearly a decade. His story gave many loved ones of missing people hope that they’d be found one day, as the now 25-year-old was returned to his mother — that is, until the truth of the story started to unfold.

After the missing boy’s mother, Janie Santana, spoke with local news outlets and told them his story of how she believed he had been beaten and tortured, all the details started to fall apart. Neighbors came forward to claim the mom was lying and said Rudy had been living at home with her all these years. Friends said they’d seen him often over those eight years, that he’d come over to hang out with them in their garage — only they knew him as Dolph. They couldn’t believe he’d ever been reported missing.

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And then things took a turn for the downright horrifying, when local activist Quanell X alleged Janie had been manipulating Rudy and sexually abusing him all these years. He said Rudy had told him as much!

Police have not corroborated the sexual abuse claims, saying the victim never reported sexual abuse to them — but they did confirm that he WAS at home all this time. The disappearance was a lie. Apparently his mom was making up aliases and keeping his return a big secret, continuing to use missing persons’ resources to advocate for the safe return of her son. She also pocketed about $2k from a GoFundMe campaign — and has since been banned from using the platform ever again.

The twists and turns don’t stop there, though! While speaking to on Friday, a man named Gilbert Quiroz claimed he’s Janie’s ex-husband, and he’s not the only one. He accused her of bigamy!

The 58-year-old veteran says he married Janie in October of 2012 but split from her just a year into their marriage because he found out she was married to “at least one” of five other people. He filed for divorce the following year detailing his concerns, saying their union was “null and void.” His then-wife fought back, though, accusing him of “extreme cruelty” and adultery — she demanded $25,000 in damages! Hmm…

They were married by proxy, according to legal docs obtained by the outlet, while Gilbert was stationed with the Arizona National Guard in Tucson. In his filings for divorce, it’s also worth noting that Janie is listed with SEVERAL aliases — which all ties back into the current allegations against her:

“Respondent is Janie Santana. Respondent has also previously used the names Janie Santana Rodriguez, Janie Santana Larios, Janie Santana Farias and possibly Janie Uresti. The purported marriage is void and of no effect … because Respondent was already legally married and a party to other purported marriages.”

The docs also said she married Patrick Rocha in July 1997 and John P. Gonzalez in August 1998. They went on to state in 2007 she was the “common law wife” of John T. Rodriguez, as well as a “common law wife” of Roberto Larios from 1999 to 2010. That’s not all, though — in 2009 she married Sucre Amaury Diaz. The filings against her say she was still married to Patrick when she married Gilbert — meaning she had never split from her first husband all that time! Not only that, only two months into being Gilbert’s wife, she went on and married Sucre! It’s unclear just how many of these marriages were still going at any one time.

What a pretzel of a love life! Seriously, what’s going on!

In 2015, just five months after she reported Rudy missing, the annulment from Gilbert was finally granted. There’s no word on if she’s still married to any of the other men or not, and she was rewarded no damages from her ex.

And this lawsuit from her ex-husband led straight into another one from her own sister…

Janie was sued by her 64-year-old sister Sylvia for the alleged mistreatment of their elderly mother Rosa who passed away in 2020. In a complaint filed just two months before Rosa’s passing, Sylvia said:

“Proposed Ward did not have a bed and slept on the couch which smelled of urine. At the time the Proposed Ward last went into the hospital, she had significant bed sores that had gone untreated.”

So awful…

Sylvia also mentioned the bigamy. She said in the filings that was one of the main reasons Janie didn’t properly care for Rosa — and even said she owed Roberto $43,000 for “fraudulent conduct” within their marriage. She also noted her sister, who was then using the alias Janie Uresti, was convicted for disorderly conduct over the illegal discharge of a firearm in 1994, which landed her 9 months probation and a $100 fine.

Another sister of Janie’s, Pauline, said Rosa knew Rudy was still at home and was never missing:

“My mom would always tell me, ‘Rudy is here … He’s there. He’s in that room. And Janie said, ‘No she’s lying, she’s losing it.’”

The 66-year-old went on to call her younger sister a “pathological liar”:

“She has always been a pathological liar. She lies about everything.”


This is a lot to take in! If this is true and she’s really been causing all these twists and turns with her lies, it just makes us wonder what REALLY happened to Rudy these past eight years.

As of right now, it seems like Janie is still on the run… Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via FOX 26 Houston/YouTube]

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