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Ryan Edwards Sent To Prison In Dramatic Hearing -- Family Feuds As Judge Reveals Teen Mom Star DIED From OD!

Ryan Edwards Died OD Sentenced Prison Mom Jen Ex Mackenzie Fighting

Ryan Edwards is going to the big house.

If you’ve been following, you’ll know that the Teen Mom alum has been putting himself in some pretty tricky situations, to say the least… From harassing his baby momma Mackenzie Edwards on social media, allegedly threatening her, getting wrapped up with the notorious Black Pistons Motorcycle Club, and getting sentenced to probation and mandatory rehab after multiple arrests, his future wasn’t looking too bright.

THEN, earlier this month, he was arrested yet again for violating his parole after being found “unconscious and unresponsive” in the driver’s seat of his truck, which was still in drive — implying he was driving under the influence until he passed out. Luckily no one was hurt as the vehicle was stopped in place by a curb. At the time, authorities found “a small bag of what appeared to be a blue powder” on him, leading to DUI and possession of a controlled substance charges.

Now, after facing the legal system, his fate is no longer in flux.

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The 35-year-old appeared in Hamilton County Court before Judge Gary Starnes Thursday morning, where he was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in prison, according to The US Sun, who had a reporter at the hearing. The outlet reported Ryan entered the courtroom in cuffs, wearing an orange jumpsuit, apparently looking rather low in spirits. The specific matter of the hearing was in regard to his possession and DUI charges, as well as his previous harassment and possession charges. Right off the bat, his lawyer admitted, “Mr. Edwards concedes he did violate his probation.”

A state attorney then followed, stating:

“It appears Mr. Edwards would’ve violated probation by leaving treatment early. Mr. Edwards picked up two new criminal charges. For the court, given part of the probation violation is these new charges, he’s conceding the violation.”

Judge Starnes then clarified the timeline, noting, “He was supposed to be in Austin, Texas. He was admitted March 16 and was discharged April 3.” The state attorney later called the officer who arrested Ryan earlier this month, who recounted the situation:

“I was dispatched for a white male in a white pickup truck who was unconscious and unresponsive. The vehicle was running in drive. The truck rolled into a curb on the driver’s side. The curb stopped the vehicle. It was just Mr. Edwards. He was unconscious, unresponsive. Fire was there. They were using a lockout kit to gain entry to the vehicle. He did not regain consciousness until he was put in medical and administered Narcan. There were two small baggies on Mr. Edwards. A white-blue powder and a crystal substance.”

He had to be given Narcan?! Whoa! The state attorney detailed how many chances Ryan had been given — and blown:

“This court is used to seeing probation violations. This defendant received a lenient break from this court and my office in March. He was given the opportunity for the second or third time to pursue rehabilitation. He has a drug problem. He had an opportunity to pursue rehabilitation. He failed to do that. He was there for two weeks. He left the facility contradictory to the staff’s advisement. The staff was trying to keep him there. He was ordered to be there for 45 days. He somehow got back to Chattanooga. Then a block from this courthouse, while so under the influence in his vehicle, he ran into a curb. He could’ve hit people. He’s a danger to himself and the public. His option is to get clean or die. There will be a request for more rehabilitation. The opportunity he had he squandered. That is disrespectful to the court and makes a mockery.”

Yeah, one thing we know for sure is things weren’t exactly lined up in his favor…

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Ryan’s lawyer then took the stand, blaming everything on the drugs:

“He’s addicted to drugs. We all know there is a good person deep inside there wanting to get out. That person is hammered down deep because of the drugs.”

We’re sure the addiction is overwhelming. But it can’t excuse everything. The attorney continued:

“We all want the best for him and the community. We ask, at some point, not today, after Mr. Edwards receives sufficient time to be punished and think about what he’s done to consider an alternative. We’re all disappointed. It’s a small town. We all know each other. We all know him. We want him to do better. There is a unique treatment option. I’m not asking the court to suspend his sentence.”

The lawyer then called to the stand the director of court services, who made a recommendation for the reality star’s path going forward: 

“He would go into a residential program and at some point he would get a once-a-month shot. It curbs cravings coupled with treatment. Just a shot isn’t going to do it. He says he will do that. He would go in and stay at our facility. Then step down to a halfway house, a separate living house. They do counseling for two years.”

Seems like they were trying really hard to give the former MTV star yet another chance to avoid the most serious consequences.

Judge Starnes, however, made the final call — and surprisingly agreed with the description of Ryan’s true character, showing a lot of kindness to the troubled reality star: 

“We all know Mr. Edwards and his family. He’s a very fine young man. He’s very talented at what he does. We’ve all watched him grow up. He is not a bad person. He just got addicted to hardcore drugs.”

However, the tough love came in when His Honor pointed out that Ryan DIED. Not just lost consciousness — the man died. That overdose killed him, and paramedics brought him back to life. Hence Judge Starnes saying he was “trying to save” Ryan with a harsh sentence:

“He’s an extreme danger to himself, he died on Broad Street and had to be brought back to life. You would’ve been dead. You should realize that. He’s a danger to the public by driving his truck on drugs. Rehab won’t be good because he won’t do it. He needs to grow up, you know that. You have three kids. You may have some problems with your wife, but you have three kids. I’m trying to save your life. I’m going to revoke probation for 11 months and 29 days in custody.”

As far as rehab and other avenues go? The Judge just doesn’t think Ryan is ready, and he’s proven that:

“At some point, I may send you to rehab. You won’t do it now. It’s because the drug addiction is so strong. You can’t do it. You have to grow up and want to save yourself. I’m going to do what I can to save you. If you come across someone at drugs at Silverdale stay away from them.”

As of now, Ryan is slated to return to court June 12. Present at Wednesday’s hearing were Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, looking “emotional and upset” the entire time. And his estranged wife Mackenzie. When she entered the courtroom, in fact, the outlet reports Jen and Larry had to walk out — and when they came back, Ryan’s mother was sobbing!

According to the Sun‘s reporter, Mackenzie didn’t do anything to warrant the response — or, we should say, she did nothing to warrant the response. She apparently didn’t interact with Ryan or with his parents, just sat there coldly observing to see what happened to her estranged hubby. Are they feuding? Are Ryan’s parents upset she’s spoken out against him, including to the police?

You certainly couldn’t blame Mackenzie. As seen in police bodycam footage on The US Sun this very week, she showed cops around her house, which was absolutely trashed — allegedly by Ryan. She told the police at the time of her ex:

“Ryan has severe substance abuse issues that I found out about the day after we got married.”

Whoa! Gurl is BITTER. And rightfully so! Not only did he smash everything, he spray painted messages to her on the walls (though as one cop noted, he left his own belongings untouched). Ryan, however, maintained his innocence in his own February arrest footage, telling the cops he had seen the damage but had an alibi:

“I stayed at my parents’ house. I left my mom and dad’s house. That’s what I saw Thursday. It was like that yesterday.”

Was he using his parents to cover for himself? Were they willing to do it — or do they believe he’s innocent? Is that why they’re upset with Mackenzie?

It’s also possible Jen was just overcome with emotion over the fact Mackenzie is divorcing her son. The Teen Mom OG star would certainly be a living symbol of her son’s poor choices…

What do you make of Ryan’s sentencing, Perezcious readers? Do you think it’s light considering everything he’s done? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Teen Mom/YouTube & Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office]

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