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ANOTHER Heartbreaking Summer House Breakup! Damn!

Summer House's Kory Keefer and Sam Feher split

Months following the shocking breakup between Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke, another couple from Summer House has bitten the dust!

For those who don’t know, Kory Keefer and Sam Feher began dating in the summer of 2022 and confirmed their relationship in April 2023. However, the couple hit a rough patch in their relationship when he appeared on Season 3 of Winter House! Sam claimed on the reunion that before leaving for the trip to Colorado, the couple agreed they wouldn’t hook up with anyone else — even though they had not put an official label on their romance yet. While Kory didn’t sleep with anyone else during the season, he did pursue other women in the house!

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When the show was filmed in March 2023, Kory became close with cast members Malia White and Jordan Emanuel — too close for someone who was even a little committed to someone else. Throughout the flirtatious relationship, he made it seem like he was allowed to be with other people while entangled with Sam. It was a messy, messy situation.

And what’s worse? Sam hadn’t seen everything that went down until the show aired in December! And at that point, the two were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Kory and Sam were still together during the reunion, filmed in November, but things have changed since then — you know, after his show aired!

After weeks of speculation the two called it quits, Sam confirmed on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast on Tuesday that yes, she and Kory are over. The reason for their breakup? The fact he “doesn’t love” her! Oof. Sam explained:

“I’m not even out here to talk s**t. I think he’s great. I didn’t break up with him because I don’t love him. I broke up with him because he doesn’t love me, and that’s that.”

The 26-year-old television personality said she often told him she loved him. However, Kory refused to “say it back to her.” In fact, she revealed he “never said it for the rest of the relationship.” That was a big red flag for Sam:

“That was like really a big problem for me. I was like, ‘I think I need to get out, it’s becoming clear.’”

So Sam ended things! The reality star shared that Kory was “shocked” and “floored” when she dumped him during a call before the holidays. We mean… really?? Read the room, guy!

How did the split go down? Kory never responded to her text asking him to spend New Year’s Eve with her family, and eventually it got to the point the pair hadn’t talked for 48 hours. And that was the final straw for Sam. She recalled:

“When your long-distance boyfriend doesn’t communicate with you for 48 hours, and there’s nothing wrong, there’s something wrong. Like that’s so weird. Why do you wanna go 48 hours without talking to me at all like that’s so crazy.”

She called him shortly afterward, and things got heated! She claimed the 33-year-old accused her of “testing” him and “timing” their texts. Her response?

“That’s the kind of gaslighting I don’t need in my life.”

And for the “first time” in her life she knew she was “making the right decision” to break up with him:

“We were talking and talking, and he was like, ‘What are you saying? Are you saying we should break up?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ Silence.”

Despite getting dumped, Sam said, Kory was “really mature about the split” and “apologized” for what happened. But he said one thing in their conversation that bothers her to this day:

“‘I wish it was different.’ All I could think about is, you don’t wish badly enough to treat me right. Like you can wish all you want, but if you would do anything to change how it was, then you can do the bare minimum. He was like, ‘I can do anything except that.’”

It was only the L-word that caused issues in the relationship. His behavior on Winter House, of course, played a big part in it. Although the duo were not official yet, Sam slammed Kory for giving “a completely false impression of how serious we were” to the women in the house. She said she had no idea about what happened that season, including that Malia and Jordan explicitly said they wanted to hook up with him, until she saw the show months later:

“He didn’t prepare me for anything I was gonna watch. I didn’t know how disrespected I was at the time.”

What upset her even more was Kory’s excuses at the reunion, specifically when he claimed that since they “weren’t official,” he would “push the boundary as far” as he could. WTF?! Sam continued:

“I was like, ‘Why would you say that? Why would you think it? Why would you say it next to me? What are we doing? Why do you wanna push the boundary?’”

Adding salt to the wound? The influencer had to sit and watch confessionals from Kory that were “really hurtful” while, at that point, they’d progressed to a committed relationship:

“He went into his confessionals, and he was like, ‘No guy wants to be in a relationship, every guy is gonna let it ride until she forces it, but like I don’t wanna lose her, so I guess I gotta be in a relationship with her, gotta s**t or get off the pot,’ and I was like, ‘You left my bed, said that about me, and then came back to my bed?’ Like I would never say that about someone I really cared about.”

Messed up! Despite his awful behavior throughout their relationship, Sam noted she still thinks he’s “great,” and they are on “good terms.” Now, though, she is “not in love with him” either.

Good for Sam for not putting up with Kory’s BS! It sounds like she dodged a bullet! Reactions to the breakup? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen/YouTube]

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