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Get Your First Look At The Moment Carl Radke Dumps Lindsay Hubbard In First Trailer For Summer House Season 8!

Get Your First Look At The Moment Carl Radke Dumps Lindsay Hubbard In First Trailer For Summer House Season 8!

The trailer for Season 8 of Summer House is finally here — and the summer doesn’t look so fun for anyone this season, especially exes Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard!

Perezcious readers will recall the 38-year-old reality star broke up with Lindsay in August 2023, just three months before what was supposed to be their wedding in Mexico. And fortunately for fans, the entire breakup was caught on camera. Now we’re getting a first look into what went down the day!

The teaser, released on Thursday, begins with audio of the former couple arguing that Carl is “not happy” and Lindsay needs to “have the power” in the relationship. It then suddenly cuts to their apartment in New York, where the pair continue to fight. Carl says to Lindsay while footage of her engagement ring on the table and makeup bag with the word “bride” flashes across the screen:

“You’re really gifted at playing victim.”

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Ouch! Over the conversation, Lindsay stands up from the couch and leaves into the bedroom as she finds there is “no more point to this conversation” since Carl “made the decision clear.” Clearly, things got heated between them after he ended the engagement! However, Carl didn’t expect things to go the way they did! He told producers:

“I thought she would react a little differently. She’s gonna have to spin this and then tell everybody she’s blindsided.”

And that is exactly the story Lindsay went with! The trailer goes on to show the 37-year-old on the phone with her dad, telling him that Carl “wants to call off the wedding and break up. She also said, as you probably could guess, she feels “very blindsided” by the decision. Carl ends up saying he is “fine” with being the “bad guy.” But he pointed out that Lindsay is “lying [about] the things that have gone on the last year.” Oof.

Things appeared to have been very nasty between the two, at least throughout the summer! The trailer proceeds to flashback to different moments before the breakup, and they did not seem to be on good terms at points! A big issue in their relationship that seems to come up? His sobriety! Carl accused Lindsay of asking him:

“‘What are you on? What are you on?’”

Another scene shows Carl yelling at Lindsay in bed:

“You accused me of doing drugs!”

Meanwhile, other moments showed Lindsay crying at the kitchen table while her friend comforts her. Towards the end of the video, Carl had a heart-to-heart with his mom and stepdad about his and Lindsay’s relationship — and they aren’t on board with the duo getting married! His stepfather even told him:

“I’ve been a minister all my career, and I’ve married tons of people. I wouldn’t marry you and Lindsay.”

Damn! Things must have been bad between Lindsay and Carl if his stepdad doesn’t approve of the marriage now! Ch-ch-check out the entire trailer (below):

So intense!

Reactions? Are you excited for the new season of Summer House (premiering February 22 on Bravo)? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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