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Sandra Bullock's Ex Jesse James Accused Of Cheating On Wife With Over 20 Different Women!

Sandra Bullock Ex Jesse James Cheating Wife Alexis DeJoria Split

If not for his glowing endorsement of Donald Trump or Internet listicles of Worst Hollywood Husbands, you may have forgotten Jesse James even existed. However, we’re sorry to break that spell today and tell you Sandra Bullock‘s problematic ex is back in the news yet again — for exactly the reason you would probably guess.

In case you didn’t hear, a couple weeks ago Jesse broke the news to fans he and his current wife, drag racer Alexis DeJoria, had split up. He wrote in a surprise Instagram post:

“I know a lot of you have been asking if I will be attending the NHRA races this year to work on Alexis’ funny car. Its [sic] with an incredible amount of sadness to let you know Alexis and I have decided to end our marriage. We spent close to seven amazing years together. Working on her race car for five of those years was one of the highlights of my life. Also a highlight was trying my best to be a good dad to her daughter. Something that will leave a huge hole in my heart forever. Unfortunately at the end of the day our lives were just headed in different directions. Creating a distance that was insurmountable. I wish her the absolute best in her racing and life. I hope you can respect our privacy in this tough time. Thank you.”

Their lives were “just headed in different directions,” huh? Well, according to a new report in, the direction Jesse’s life was headed was toward any strange vagina he could touch.

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According to their source, the Monster Garage host was back to his old ways, cheating on his wife with at least 20 (!!!) different women.

The insider, reportedly a friend of the fourth Mrs. James, told the outlet:

“Alexis feels humiliated and disrespected. Jesse has been cheating on her since they first met, it never stopped, she’s only now realizing just how bad it was.”

According to this source, Jesse went looking for women on IG, Snapchat, Facebook, even that cell phone walkie talkie app Voxer. Some he would fly into town and hook up in nearby hotels; others he would bring into their marital bed when she was away competing in races!

“She discovered he was bringing women into their home in Austin, sleeping in their bed. She was upset and devastated, it knocked her confidence. Jesse turned out to be not the man she thought she knew.”

Aw, honey… Did he make like his favorite politician and tell you all that Sandy B stuff was “fake news”? Seriously, he cheated on America’s sweetheart with a neo-Nazi, surely you must have heard something about it.

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According to her friend, Alexis first got suspicious when women she didn’t know started turning up to see Jesse at his gun store and reaching out to him on social media:

“Alexis is very intuitive and him having the past that he did, she became curious. But any time she would ask him about it, he would be horribly defensive and aggressive and make her feel like an a**hole for even asking.”

What?? Not only that, he blamed her for being famous — which he implied somehow caused the false accusations:

“Alexis was upset. He said to her, ‘I knew you were too popular, too many people knew who you were and that’s why all these crazies have come out.’ He actually blamed Alexis for being well known because it meant these girls wanted to come out and say something instead of keeping their mouth shut.”

Gaslighting 101. The friend also says Jesse was “mentally and emotionally abusive” for years to boot. Sounds about right for a guy we’ve heard has been a serial cheater for years.

Shockingly, the source says Alexis first discovered all this over TWO YEARS ago but was determined to try to fix the relationship — but Jesse consistently refused to ever admit to anything!

Alexis and Jesse in happier times
Alexis and Jesse in happier times. / (C) Jesse James/Instagram

The closest Alexis came to getting a confession was in 2017 when a woman contacted her mother and sister with evidence of text messages she had exchanged with Jesse — before the conversation moved to Snapchat, where it would disappear. The source recalls:

“At the time Alexis had just fractured her hip in a racing accident so was feeling low. She was going through a hard time and having physical therapy. It turns out Jesse was messaging this woman and trying to get her to come over to the house to f**k him, and the kids were there.”

Jesse couldn’t deny the messages were real, but he denied cheating AND pulled the switcheroo on her:

“Alexis confronted him about it and he seemed very remorseful, ”Oh, I’m sorry, nothing happened. She didn’t come over after all, it won’t happen again,’ but he was like, ‘I’m really down and depressed.'”

HE was depressed?? Ugh.

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Well, prosecutors may like the confession, but they don’t always need it to get the guilty verdict if there’s enough evidence. And DM‘s source has receipts for days, including alleged photos from dating sites and screenshots of conversations between Jesse and other women — dating all the way back to 2012, two months after he met Alexis!

In fact, the source says the West Coast Choppers founder had sex with a woman he met on Badoo the NIGHT BEFORE HE PROPOSED. Wow.

“He had sex with Debra the night before he flew out to California and asked Alexis’ dad to marry her and then proposed. The woman later contacted Alexis and told her everything. She even sent a photo Jesse had sent her of him half naked wearing just a towel.”

It gets worse.

“Debra had apparently sold a car to Jesse which he gave to Alexis as a gift.”

She was driving around in a car she got secondhand from her husband’s mistress?? Ew! The source continues:

“[Debra] had a photo of a bunch of cash thrown out on a bed that she took while they were together. Alexis immediately recognized the sheets as they were the ones her mother bought her and Jesse, you can’t lie about that.”

Ugh, another one in her own bed?!

The final straw was apparently when Alexis hit the mother load. The source says Jesse left his computer on in his home office for once — and that was all the champion racer needed to try to prove her suspicions.

“He opened the door for her and she dove in, and she went through his emails and his messenger, everything. She was shocked by what she found, Jesse had been talking inappropriately to at least 30 women and the women were sending him naked photos and they discussed hook up spots.”

It was all the evidence she’d needed after years of him making her feel like she was crazy.

“She believes he hooked up with at least 20 of them, although she can’t be sure of the exact number. He always did the same thing, once he started a conversation he switched them to Snapchat, so who knows how far things went with some of them.”

The friend says it was even worse than Alexis had even suspected.

“He was using these gross dating sites, just having like sloppy sex with all these different women. It was desperate, like he was seeking validation from them.”

According to the pal, Jesse was even contacting exes and old hookups for sex!

“He was speaking to women who he cheated with when he was with Kat Von D.”

OMG! We wonder if he reached out to old Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

Speaking of which, we just have to ask again, how did Alexis not see this coming considering his very public cheating scandal? (Sorry, scandals plural.) The friend says:

“Her daughter Isabella needed a father and Jesse’s daughter Sunny needed a mother, it was the perfect match. He was a nice guy, successful and everybody loved him, he was fun to be around, she loved the guy. Alexis had some really tough times in her life, when she was younger, so she didn’t hold any of his past mistakes against him.”

Well it sure sounds like he took advantage of that mercy.

Jesse James Alexis Instagram
(c) Jesse James/Instagram

But Alexis is done being walked all over. According to the source, her friend is ENRAGED by that IG statement Jesse put out:

“It really upset Alexis that Jesse would put this bulls**t statement out claiming they split because they were heading in different directions. He said they had seven amazing years, yet he cheated on her for most of that time and was extremely emotionally abusive. He’s right, the distance between them was insurmountable — but only because he’d been sleeping with other women behind her back and would never admit he had a problem. The only reason the marriage fell apart is because of Jesse’s cheating, plain and simple.”

Sounds simple enough to us.

Would YOU ever date a guy you knew had gotten busted cheating by multiple exes??

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Avalon.]

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