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Scheana Shay Shares Disturbing Social Media Message About Her Unborn Baby -- WTF Is Wrong With People?!

Scheana Shay reacts to a VERY disturbing comment about her unborn baby on Instagram...

This is NOT cool!

Scheana Shay is happily pregnant with her first child right now, but creepy, scary Instagram users can’t let the reality TV star just enjoy the moment and revel in the baby’s upcoming arrival. Seriously, what is wrong with some people?!

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On Wednesday, the 35-year-old Vanderpump Rules star shared a series of IG messages she’d been receiving from fans in advance of her baby’s arrival. Most of the messages are well wishes, innocent questions, and cute comments — like the user who pondered whether the baby might come out with an Australian accent like Scheana’s BF and proud poppa-to-be Brock Davies, who grew up Down Under. Funny!

But there were two incredibly disturbing messages among the grouping, too. As you can see from this screenshot of the offending comments, one user in particular asked Scheana if they could “push hard on your baby,” in order “to kill it.”

Look (below):

Scheana Shay shares disturbing message sent to her about her unborn baby!
Why would someone say this? If it’s trolling, it’s stupid! If it’s serious, it’s SCARY! / (c) Scheana Shay/Instagram

What the F**K?!

Scheana was understandably thrown by the unexpected and violent messages, noting they are “by far the worst” she’d ever seen regarding her unborn child. And as she noted, it was made even worse — and even more perplexing — because the person who left the comments apparently had a child in their profile photo. Dude…

Besides, as dark and terribly violent as the words are, it’s not even like the comments are even attempting to be quirky, or funny, or anything else that could even be remotely macabre! There’s no dark humor here, the comments are sick and STUPID! It’s not even a clever attempt at trolling. It’s just violent and disturbing!

WHY do people have to be like this?!?! What would possess someone to say something like this, even online? Not a good look!

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This all is made worse considering the personal hell Scheana went through last year with her devastating miscarriage. To think that she’s now back on top of the world with a baby on the way after going through all that, only to have Instagram users try to drag her down with disturbing, violent messages… ugh! Make it make sense!

Regardless of what stupid commenters may do or say, we’re sending all our love to Scheana and Brock as they prepare themselves for their first child together!

It’s going to be a wild ride — stressful, crazy, but FUN! Savor every moment, y’all!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Scheana Shay/Instagram]

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