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Why Scheana Shay Will NEVER Be Friends With Lala Kent Or Stassi Schroeder Again!

Scheana Shay says she will never be friends with Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder again!

Scheana Shay is officially putting the nail in the coffin of her tattered relationship with Lala Kent and Stassi Schroeder.

As we reported, the 35-year-old recently unfollowed her old Vanderpump Rules co-stars on social media after a summer full of drama that left her feeling ditched when she needed support amid a painful miscarriage.  Still feeling resentment from the situation, she doubled down on the decision to cut ties with those frenemies for good during Wednesday’s episode of the No Filter With Zack Peter podcast.

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The Bravo star began by explaining why she has absolutely ZERO interest in resurrecting her once-thriving but always complicated friendship with Kent:

“I unfollowed [Lala]. I never see a friendship with her again. And I am completely fine with that. Because honestly, for the last three years, I felt myself forcing a friendship with her because every time she hurts me, she feels bad, she begs for my forgiveness — but it’s usually when there’s a camera in her face — and I forgive her! And then she does it again. And I forgive her. And then she does it again. And I’m, like, I haven’t wanted this friendship to continue for years. I just, I keep forgiving you. And at this point, I’m done. I’m checked out. I don’t have room for that type of fakeness in my life anymore.”

Yikes, that does sound pretty toxic. The cameras aren’t even rolling these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, so we guess there really is no point in even faking the funk at all, right?

As she previously claimed on an episode of the Scheananigans with Scheana Shay podcast in September, the Give Them Lala Beauty creator wasn’t there for her after she lost her baby with boyfriend Brock Davies months earlier in June. Lala, who is expecting a baby girl with fiancé Randall Emmett, denied Scheana’s accusations — but now the star is insisting there was foul play:

“What pissed me off the most about that situation is she lied. She said on her [Instagram Live] that I didn’t ask her to come over… I said, ‘I need you. Can you come over?’ And you said, ‘I can’t right now because I have dinner. Can I check on you later?’ And I’m like, I don’t need you later. Later my boyfriend will be here. I need you now. And she even said in the text message that she sent me — which, this is just so Lala — she said she was there for me that day in the same capacity as my mother. And the fact that she thinks she is up there with my mom is just a whole new low for her.”

While the reality TV star previously publicly acknowledged that Stassi, who is also expecting a baby girl, reached out to her after her pregnancy loss, the two women are also no longer on good terms:

“I unfollowed [Stassi] first. She returned the favor … For the exact thing that I praised her about — for being there for me — is the exact reason we aren’t friends anymore.”

The last time they reportedly spoke was on September 27, just before Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor‘s baby shower, as she continued:

“I get a text from her and — you know, here I am, ‘sharing her private messages again,’ — but she basically just said that she had no interest in continuing anything more than surface level with me because she was informed I was reading her private messages to strangers. And I’m like, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about. The only message I would have shared was how sweet of [a] message you sent me after my miscarriage. Which I have no idea why you would be mad I shared that.’ But like, in the same message she sent me, it was like, ‘I have no desire to talk this out [with] you. We will remain surface level.’ Blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, you’re not even going to give me the benefit of the doubt? You’re going to hear something from a stranger, a fan, a Facebook group — whatever — and you’re just like, done?”

WOW. That’s pretty savage and it was definitely enough for her not to miss Schroeder on her way out. Shay concluded:

“So, I was like, ‘You know what Stassi, we’ve been surface level for years. I’m fine continuing that way. I wish you nothing but the best.’ And I just went and unfollowed her because you know what, I don’t follow people that I’m not friends with.”

It may be some time before Pump Rules starts filming again, but as you’re likely aware, Stassi won’t be returning to the cast after getting canned earlier back in May. The social media distance will certainly help this icky situation fade away, but what about Lala? How will Scheana navigate things with her once their show is back? That will be must-see TV, right Perezcious readers?

Let us know your thoughts on all of this (below) in the comments!

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