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Scott Disick & Maluma Feuding On Twitter! Real Beef Or PR Stunt?

maluma Scott disick feud twitter pr stunt

This is either the strangest celeb beef we’ve seen in a while or one very theatrical PR stunt!

On Tuesday, Twitter raised its brow when Scott Disick got into it with Maluma, of all people, with the two cryptically referencing a betrayal of some sort that apparently led to the demise of their friendship.

It started when the KUWTK star wrote:

“Wtf with this guy @maluma.”

In response, the Colombian musician — who, btw, has hung out with Scott many times over the past year — tweeted:

“What’s up with you? You want to be me so bad that you try to take what is mine?”

Whoa! Serve returned!

But it didn’t stop there. The Talentless creator quickly fired back:

“@maluma I didn’t have to try that hard, get over yourself your a joke.”

What could they be talking about!? Clearly, something went down between the two. But what?

Fans were left perplexed, with users writing:

“wait what’s going on with maluma and scott disick???”

“why are maluma baby and scott fighting on the tl ???”

“scott disick beefing w maluma on twitter isn’t something I ever saw happening.”

Same here — especially since the two are clearly bros. In May, Scott shared a candid pic of him and the singer hanging out in Miami back in March, captioning the post:

“Missin miami.”

Maluma returned the love, commenting at the time:

“Miss u too.”


So what the eff happened then?!

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If we didn’t know any better, it sounds like the two are fighting over a woman. But, fortunately, we DO know better, and there’s a reason why it sounds like that: the pair are reportedly working on a music video together, in which they are — you guessed it — fighting over a woman!

According to The Algemeiner Journal, Israel model Eden Fines and Disick will be featured in a new music video for the Papi Juancho artist. Eden reportedly flew to Miami in June to film scenes for the project, in which she is said to play a woman who is in a love triangle with the 27-year-old singer and the 38-year-old reality star.

Neither Disick nor Maluma has commented on whether the Twitter tiff is the real deal or a PR stunt to generate buzz about this music video project, but seeing as their exchange sounds like it was lifted from a telenovela scene, we’re going with the latter.

We guess time will only tell! In the meantime… what do U think is going on here, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Apega/Judy Eddy/WENN]

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