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83-Year-Old Convicted Murderer Charged AGAIN After Pieces Of Woman's Body Found All Around Brooklyn Neighborhood

Serial Killer Charged After Pieces Of Woman's Body Found All Around Neighborhood

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Brooklyn woman, who has already spent more than 50 years behind bars for two previous murders, has been arrested after another woman was found dead and brutally butchered last month.

Harvey Marcelin has been charged with concealment of a human corpse in connection with the murder of Susan Leyden, 68, according to the New York Post. Via a criminal report, Leyden was last seen entering the 83-year-old’s apartment building with “a multi-colored bag with a flower decal.” The details of their relationship remain unclear, but after entering the building on February 27, she was never seen alive again. Cops also say she was not spotted exiting the building in surveillance footage.

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Three days later, Marcelin was caught on camera leaving the building with Susan’s bag — and the contents are truly horrifying. Cops found Susan’s torso in an abandoned shopping cart at the corner of Pennsylvania and Atlantic avenues last Thursday morning, less than a block away from Harvey’s place, Post sources revealed. It was allegedly in the same bag Harvey had left the apartment with.

Cops were then granted a search warrant to investigate Harvey’s apartment. Inside they allegedly found a human head! They also spotted several electric saws that Marcelin had purchased from Home Depot. Several days later, Leyden’s leg was found a few blocks away. Her arm is still missing at this time.

The suspect is currently being held at Rikers Island without bail. The case remains under investigation, but she could face additional charges in connection to the death.

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Interestingly, Harvey’s likely very used to prison cells by now because she has already been convicted of multiple murder and manslaughter charges! The criminal was first charged for allegedly shooting her girlfriend, Jacqueline Bonds, whom she lived with in Manhattan, on April 18, 1963. Sources report that Harvey shot Jacqueline three times when she tried to break up with her. She was sentenced to 20 years to life for that crime, but she was released on lifetime parole in May 1984, according to prison records.

Sadly, she wasn’t able to stay out of trouble. Less than a year into her freedom, she was arrested again for fatally stabbing another girlfriend she lived with. Court records also state that she shoved her body into a bag and dumped her near Central Park. Yikes. In 1986, she was sentenced to six-to-12 years in prison for this first-degree manslaughter charge. According to sources, she said during one hearing that she has “a problem with women.” She was released from the Cayuga Correctional Facility in late 2019.

Harvey could be facing up to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine for this latest charge. A more severe penalty could also follow if she is charged with anything else related to the murder. Our hearts go out to Susan’s friends and family. What a terrible way to go…

[Image via New York Police Department]

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